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In case we find ourselves starting to believe all  the anti-American sentiment and negativity, we should remember the UK's Prime Minister Tony Blair's words in January 2003, during his address to British ambassadors in London, he said::

"...I sometimes think it is a good rule of thumb to ask of a country: are people trying to get into it or out of it? It's not a bad guide to what sort of country it is." 


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A Homeland for the Palestinians?  Why they?  How about all those others?

Ezekiel 33:2-4 Son of man, speak to the children of thy people, and say unto them, When I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land take a man of their coasts, and set him for their watchman: If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people;  Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head.


Uniting Jordan, Iraq post-war goal? (a blast from the past ...or is it?)

Establishment of Hashemite kingdom being floated in diplomatic circles

Remember ...And never forget 9/11

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Putin's visit to Jordan to give boost to bilateral cooperation

RBCNews 2007/1/31
...The ambassador pointed out that an agreement which would allow Russian investors to work in Jordan is almost ready to be signed. He added that Jordan plans to construct a resort on the Dead Sea coast with the participation of Russian capital. Abdul Illah al-Kurdi named some other projects in which Russian businesses may take part.
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

Jordanian king calls for dialogue between Lebanese political parties

People's Daily Online 2007/1/30
Jordan's King Abdullah II on Monday urged the Lebanese political parties to adopt the logic of dialogue to solve the disputes for the sake of Lebanon, the official Petra news agency reported. ...

Jordan's King telephones Olmert to condemn suicide bombing

People's Daily Online 2007/1/30
Jordan's King Abdullah II on Monday telephoned Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to condemn the suicide bombing in southern Israel earlier in the day and stress the need to accelerate peace process. ...

Surge here first

International Herald Tribune 2007/1/30
DAVOS, Switzerland: It was an electric moment in this mountain town last week when the young Hashemite king, Abdullah II of Jordan, stood in front of the World Economic Forum and warned of a conflagration that could spread "from Beirut to Bombay" — pitting Shiite against Sunni, Persians against Arabs with untold consequences for all. ...Other voices from the region share the king's urgency. Amr Moussa, the long-serving secretary general of the Arab League, said a Palestinian state should be brought into being in 2007.
...The Arab initiative, Abdullah said, would go to the people over the heads of the politicians. Palestinians would be asked to vote in a referendum; Israelis would be offered a package that would prove irresistible. ...The new Arab offer would be clean and swift and once-and-for-all: A two-state solution, which the king is confident most Israelis and Palestinians want. ...

Putin to visit Middle East

News Online 2007/1/30
...Putin will visit the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at the invitation of King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein on 12-13 February 2007.

King receives phone call from Russian President

Jordan News Agency 2007/1/30
King Abdullah II received on Tuesday a phone call from Russian President Vladimir Butin who extended to His Majesty best wishes on the occasion of his birthday. ...Russia, a member in the quartet committee which includes UN, EU and USA, is playing a key role in the efforts of the international community to achieve peace in the Middle East.
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear ... (sung to the tune of 'Happy Birthday')

King phones Palestinian President

Jordan News Agency 2007/1/30
...King Abdullah II asserted the importance for Palestinians to put their differences aside and unify their stance at this sensitive and critical stage to spare the Palestinian blood. ...During the telephone conversation, King Abdullah renewed Jordan’s full support for the all efforts aim to achieve the national reconciliation among different Palestinian factions. King also hopes the exertion will succeed to reach cease fire between Hamas and Fatah movements. ...

Jordan's king gets a Hellcat:

The Birmingham News 2007/1/30
Jordan's King Abdullah II will celebrate his 45th birthday today with a gift postmarked from Alabama.   Birmingham-based Confederate Motor Co. last week shipped a Hellcat motorcycle valued at about $70,000 to the king at the request of his staff, said Confederate founder Matt Chambers. ...The company tried to convince the king's representatives to purchase the combat version of the bike, but they declined.   The Hellcat is still a collectible, Chambers said. Only 100 of the bikes will be made, he said.   Chambers believes there may be opportunities to make multiple sales to a client like King Abdullah. "I think he's a really cool young guy that likes bikes," he said. ...

Hashemite Charity Caravans Start Distributing Aid to Needy Families

Jordan News Agency 2007/1/30
The Royal Court started dispatching its Hashemite Charity Caravans to distribute food parcels among thousands of needy families across the Kingdom. ...Since their launch in 2004, about 178,000 families benefited from food parcels that have been distributed by the Royal Court.
A benevolent king?

Cold Stone Creamery Announces Expansion Plans for the Middle East 2007/1/30
Cold Stone Creamery®, the fastest-growing ice cream concept in the United States, has reached an agreement with the Apparel Group to open more than 40 stores over the next five years in the Gulf Cooperative Council, which includes the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman and The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. ...
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

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Magog Revisited
KHouse 2007/1/31
...All the allies of Magog are in position,
except one (watch Turkey!).  After nearly two decades of waiting, Turkey has finally begun official negotiations for admittance into the European Union.  The two largest impediments to Turkey’s EU membership are its predominantly Muslim population and its refusal to recognize the island nation of Cyprus (an EU member).  This could push a wounded Turkey back into the arms of the nationalists and hard-line Islamic fundamentalists. ...In the end, Andropov knew that the Soviet Union had only one thing the West wanted: geopolitical space. So space was what he gave. This continued the traditional Scythian ''defense in depth'' strategy! ...This was the strategy for nearly 25 years, until the loss of the Ukraine raised the specter of Russian dissolution. The Russians have now stepped away from the Andropov Doctrine, abandoned the implicit bargain within it, reformed the government under the leadership of pragmatists loyal to Putin, and have begun pushing back against American and Western pressure. ...Among American defense planners, there is a belief that the vast majority of weapons in the Russian nuclear program is nearing the end of its reliable life-cycle, and that replacing it would be well beyond Russia’s financial capacity. From the U.S. point of view, there is no reason to subject itself to a new treaty that would limit U.S. options, particularly when the Russia of today is far less able to support an arms race than the Soviet Union of yesteryear. The weapons that will be used in the Magog Invasion, or the Battle of Armageddon, may already be in inventory today. ...After losing the Mid-East foothold provided by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, the Russians have been building a new axis of power based on ties with Turkey, Iran and Syria. Russia is now Turkey’s second-largest trading partner, with a volume of $10 billion in trade per year; Russia strengthened ties with Iran by supplying it with nuclear-related technologies; and, Russia and Syria have made plans to increase diplomatic and military cooperation. ...
Article, emphasis, and comment contributed by Bob Anderson.

Israel restrained after Eilat bombing
Washington Jewish Week 2007/1/31
Israel has decided not to resume assassinating Palestinian terrorist leaders despite Monday's suicide bombing in Eilat that killed three people in a bakery in a residential neighborhood.   Security sources said Tuesday that Defense Minister Amir Peretz turned down a request by top military brass to permit heads of Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa Brigades, which both claimed responsibility for the Eilat suicide bombing, to be targeted in air strikes. ...

Arab League says resolution of Lebanese crisis on track
Kuwait News Agency 2007/1/31
Arab League secretary general Amr Moussa said he made several phone calls on Wednesday which showed possible resumption of the second phase of an Arab initiative to tackle the Lebanese crisis. ...

Worldview | Mideast needs a bold step on peace 2007/1/31  (Trudy Rubin)
One of the most compelling themes of last week's World Economic Forum at Davos was the urgent need for a breakthrough in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ..."The Iraq war has opened the doors to hell," said Amr Moussa, secretary-general of the Arab League at Davos, "and we will all enter if a regional Shia-Sunni conflict emerges." ...if that's the case, Rice, and her boss, should make every effort to promote it. They must not miss any chance to close those Mideast gates of hell.

Too bad they don't yet see that only God can settle this thing.  It's obvious that Trudy Rubin is speaking, and most probably the world at large is acting out of fear of man and not fear and reverence of God,

Arab states urged to fight terrorism
Middle East Online 2007/1/31
...Mohamed Ali Kuman, the Saudi secretary general of the 22-nation league's council of interior ministers, denounced "those who act under the cover of religion" in committing terrorist acts. ...He said the summit, whose theme this year is terrorism, came at a crucial time, citing current hotspots for attacks and insurgent violence in league members such as Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and the Palestinian territories.   Tunisia's President Zine Abidine Ben Ali said Arab countries should increase cooperation in combatting terrorism. ...
? Daniel 8:23 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

Rabbis face criminal probe over death threat to IDF officer
Haaretz 2007/1/31
The State Prosecution on Wednesday decided to open a criminal investigation against a group of rabbis who issued a halakhic ruling against GOC Central Command Yair Naveh for authorizing restraining orders against West Bank settlers. The rabbis ruled that in signing such orders, Naveh was guilty of crimes punishable by death according to Jewish law.   About two weeks ago, a group of rabbis linked to the revived Sanhedrin movement - or high court of Jewish law - ruled that Naveh was guilty of three crimes: "Causing the masses to sin"; being a "moser" - someone who informs against fellow Jews or hands over Jews or Jewish land to gentiles; and terrifying the public in a blasphemous way." ...

Arab League envoy to Baghdad resigns, resignation accepted
International Herald Tribune 2007/1/31
...The statement from the League's press office gave no reason for the resignation of Mukhtar Lamani, but media reports had said the Moroccan diplomat was disenchanted with the lack of a clear Arab policy on Iraq.   Amr Moussa, the secretary general of the 22-nation League, was "determined to continue the League's efforts to support Iraq and achieve reconciliation among all Iraqi parties as the only way to help the country get out of its current crisis," the statement said.   Lamani had run the League's office in Baghdad since it opened last June ...

P.A. Lawmaker: U.S. Support of ‘Abbas Is Unwise
The Media Line 2007/1/31
The United States’ embrace of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud ‘Abbas is counterproductive, a prominent Palestinian lawmaker said.   “I think such interfering and taking sides in an internal conflict is not useful, especially if it is associated with violations of democratic means and principles,” Dr. Mu’stafa Barghouthi, an independent member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, told The Media Line.   Barghouthi’s remarks came as U.S. President George W. Bush approved a transfer of $86 million to bolster ‘Abbas’ security forces. ...

Bush takes swipe at Iran, Syria, Hizbullah
The Daily Star 2007/1/31
President George W. Bush has accused Iran, Syria and Hizbullah of fomenting the latest violence in Lebanon in a bid to force its government to resign and said that "those responsible for creating chaos must be called to account." Bush's comments late Monday were his first on last week's sectarian clashes in Beirut between pro- and anti-government demonstrators that left four people dead and 200 injured, rekindling memories of Lebanon's 1975-1990 Civil War. ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots
Continued justification for Assad's uprooting.

Welcome to Palestine
Jewish World Review 2007/1/30
In the world of international diplomacy few issues receive more wall-to-wall support than the notion that it is essential to establish a Palestinian state. Leaders worldwide are so busy speaking of how essential it is for a State of Palestine to be founded that none of them seems to have noticed that it already exists.   This state was officially founded in the summer of 2005, when Israel removed its military forces and civilian population from the Gaza Strip and so established the first wholly independent Palestinian state in history. Israel's destruction of four Israeli communities in Northern Samaria and curtailment of its military operations in the area set the conditions for statehood in that area as well. ...In the State of Palestine, two-year-olds are killed and no one cares. Children are woken up in the middle of the night and murdered in front of their parents. Worshipers in mosques are gunned down by terrorists who attend competing mosques. And no one cares. No international human rights groups publish reports calling for an end to the slaughter. No UN body condemns anyone or sends a fact-finding mission to investigate the murders.   In the State of Palestine, women are stripped naked and forced to march in the streets to humiliate their husbands. Ambulances are stopped on the way to hospitals and wounded are shot in cold blood. Terrorists enter operating rooms in hospitals and unplug patients from life-support machines.   In the State of Palestine, people are kidnapped from their homes in broad daylight and in front of the television cameras. This is the case because the kidnappers themselves are cameramen. Indeed, their commanders often run television stations. And because terror commanders run television stations in the State of Palestine, it should not be surprising that they bomb the competition's television stations.   ...The Palestinians, who receive more aid per capita than any people on earth, are needy not because they lack funds. They are poor because they prefer poverty, violence and war to prosperity, peace and moderation. So it is that 57 percent of Palestinians support terror attacks against Israel.   The multitude of protesters worldwide who demand an end to the so-called "occupation" and the establishment of Palestine should be made aware of the fact that Palestine already exists. The hordes of political leaders mindlessly squawking about "visions" and "two-state solutions" should know: This is Palestine. Enter at your own risk.
Contributed by Bob Anderson.

Negroponte says Iran cannot go unchallenged in Iraq
The Washington Post 2007/1/30
Iran's support for anti-U.S. extremists in Iraq should not go unchallenged, despite U.S. hopes of avoiding confrontation with Tehran, President George W. Bush's pick for deputy secretary of state said on Tuesday. ..."I would characterize our policy as desirous of resolving any issues we have with Iran by peaceful means. But at the same time, we don't believe that their behavior, such as supporting Shia extremists in Iraq, should go unchallenged," Negroponte said at his Senate confirmation hearing.   "If they feel that they can continue with this kind of activity with impunity, that will be harmful to the security of Iraq and to our interests in that country," he added. ...

Envoy says France, U.S. agree time not right for talks with Syria
International Herald Tribune 2007/1/30
France agrees with the United States the conditions are not right for talks with Syria because of Damascus' continued interference in Lebanon, the French ambassador said.   Jean-David Levitte said in an interview published Tuesday in The Washington Times, "We share the frustration of the United States, and for the time being, we have decided not to maintain a high-level dialogue with Syria...There is not much difference between Washington and Paris." ...

? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots
Continued justification for Assad's uprooting.

Israel must negotiate with Hamas, Qatari ruler says
yNetNews 2007/1/30
DOHA, Qatar - Vice Premier Shimon Peres rejected a proposal made Tuesday by Qatari Emir Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani to hold direct negotiations with the Hamas-led Palestinian government.   Peres said Israel will not offer any opportunity to Hamas for direct peace negotiations unless the Palestinian group recognizes Israel. ...

The American Iraq    Not the stuff of glory, but with a power and legitimacy all its own.
The Wall Street Journal 2007/1/30    (I consider this article (complete) a pretty good analysis.)
...There is a "balance of terror" today between the Sunni and Shia protagonists. More and more Sunni Arabs know that their old dominion is lost, and that they had better take the offer on the table--a share of the oil revenues, the promise that the constitution could be amended and reviewed, access to political power and spoils in return for reining in the violence and banishing the Arab jihadists. ...
? Daniel 8:25 ...and by peace shall destroy many

Rice Pitches Realignment 2007/1/30
What's America's strategy in the Middle East? Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this week sketched a new framework based on what she calls the "realignment" of states that want to contain Iran and its radical Muslim proxies. ...
I suspect that the ultimate result of this 'realignment plan' will be the formation of a 'new Arabia' with Baghdad, Iraq as it's capital.  This new 'United Arabia' would be under the head of a progressive western aligned leader, and I think you may know what that means.

Bernard Lewis: Iran in apocalyptic mood
yNetNews 2007/1/29
"Ahmadinejad and his group clearly believe, and I don't doubt the sincerity of their belief, that we are now entering an apocalyptic age, which will result in the triumph of their messianic figure," Lewis said, referring to the twelfth Imam, Mahdi.   "Muslims, like Jews, believe that there are things you can do to hasten the messiah. M.A.D doesn't work with these people."   Lewis added that the threat of many Iranians perishing in a war did not deter the Iranian leadership, which believes "it would be doing them a favor, by giving them a free pass to heaven."   "Iran is a mortal threat, and one also has to take account of the apocalyptic mood of Ahmadinejad and his circle. Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, has an end of time scenario," the scholar said. ..."The truth is somewhere in the middle," he said. "Holy war is part of the religion, and part of holy law

Stepped street of King Herod times unearthed in Jerusalem
Itar-Tass 2007/1/29
An international archaeological team excavating the City of David in Jerusalem has found a stepped street of the King Herod days.   The 600-meter-long street led from the City of David to the Second Temple ...The archaeologists have also unearthed drainage canals mentioned in the Jewish War chronicles by Joseph Flavius. Locals were hiding there when soldiers of Roman Emperor Titus seized Jerusalem and burned down the Second Temple in 70 B.C. Dishes, stone instruments and other household appliances were found. ...

King Meets Ambassador of EU countries
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/29
King Abdullah II said that the EU countries and the G-8 have always played a key role in the peace process in the Middle East and in finding a solution for the Palestinian cause which is the core of conflict in the region, affirming that this role will be more important this year with the efforts that the region is witnessing to re-launch the peace process between the Palestinians and Israelis.   During his meeting with Ambassadors of the European Union and G8 countries at the Royal Court on Monday, His Majesty said the region relies heavily on these states to play a role in achieving real and tangible progress in the peace process that ultimately leads to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in accordance with the formula of a two-state solution which is accepted by the Arabs and the international community. ...At the local level, His Majesty reviewed the efforts to develop and modernize Jordan, stressing the Kingdom is moving forward to achieve reform in spite of the hard regional and economic circumstances. ...
? Daniel 11:21 ...but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

Are You Ready? Here's The Plan...
The American Daily 2007/1/29
...Iraq is, at minimum, the Yugoslavia of the Middle East--a unified, artificial state that really never should have been sired--created after the collapse of an empire. It was pieced together with populations historically at each others’ throats for yet others’ interests…in this case, those of Arab nationalism and British petroleum politics. An Arab Iraq created out of the Mandate of Mesopotamia for the Brits’ Hashemite Arab nationalist friends needed the oil of the Kurdish north, etc. and so forth.   Further complicating matters, while some of this latter divide was submerged in the era when the Dar ul-Islam was vigorously spreading (not that it has really stopped) and non-Arab populations jumped on its bandwagon (with the Kurdish leader, Salah al-Din, for example, becoming the terror of Christendom), in the modern age of nationalism, those bloody divisions would reemerge…along side, yet apart from, the Sunni-Shi’a problem. ...

The Treachery of the "Two-State Solution"
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/29
Almost everyone involved in diplomacy aimed at a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israel conflict thinks that the solution is a "two-state solution" - a state of Israel and a state of Palestine, living in mutual harmony side by side, without terror or conflict between them. President George Bush, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel, the leaders of the European Community, Russia and the United Nations - all are advocates of
the "two-state solution." In effect, it is a call for a "three-state solution" - Jordan, Israel and a terror state in between, threatening the elimination of both. ...

Why Israelis are afraid — very afraid
Jewish World Review 2007/1/29
The first reports from military intelligence about an Iranian nuclear program reached the desk of Yitzhak Rabin shortly after he became prime minister in May 1992. Rabin's conclusion was unequivocal: Only a nuclear Iran, he told aides, could pose an existential threat to which Israel would have no credible response. But, when he tried to warn the Clinton administration, he met with incredulity. The CIA's assessment — which wouldn't change until 1998 — was that Iran's nuclear program was civilian, not military. Israeli security officials felt that the CIA's judgment was influenced by internal U.S. politics and privately referred to the agency as the "cpia" — "P" for "politicized."  ...Now, more than a decade later, the worst-case scenario envisioned by Rabin is rapidly approaching. According to Israeli intelligence, Iran will be able to produce a nuclear bomb as soon as 2009. In Washington, fear is growing that either Israel or the Bush administration plans to order strikes against Iran. In Israel, however, there is fear of a different kind. Israelis worry not that the West will act rashly, but that it will fail to act at all. And, while strategists here differ over the relative efficacy of sanctions or a military strike, nearly everyone agrees on this point: Israel cannot live with a nuclear Iran. ...
Contributed by Bob Anderson.

Abbas' Call For Murder Inspires Eilat Suicide Bomber
Zionist Organization of America 2007/1/29
Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), one of the two terrorist groups that claimed joint responsibility for today’s suicide bombing in the Israeli resort city of Eilat, which killed three Israelis, virtually quoted Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas’ recent exhortation for Palestinians to stop fighting each other and turn their guns on Israelis instead. At a rally of 250,000 Palestinian Arabs on January 10, Abbas said “We have a legitimate right to direct our guns against Israeli occupation ... Our rifles, all our rifles are aimed at The Occupation” ...

How The UK Threatens US Security – Part One
Family Security Matters 2007/1/29
...Dr. Pipes said: "British-based terrorists have carried out operations in at least 15 countries, going from East to West ... Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Algeria, Morocco, Russia, France, Spain and the United States. I give you one example from the United States - this was Richard Reid, the British shoe bomber."   He quoted from American authors who wrote in 2006 that:
"The biggest threat to US security emanates not from Iraq, not from Iran, not from Afghanistan, but rather from Great Britain", and concurred: "And I believe this is the tip of the iceberg."...

Betrayal: France, the Arabs, and the Jews
The Middle East Forum News Mailing List 2007/1/29 (original article dated 2006/11/2)
...Mr. Pryce-Jones emphasizes France's disturbing role in bringing about the Iranian Revolution, which he calls the "most important revolution in modern times". France received Khomeini in 1978, when it was clear he was planning an insurrection against the shah, and provided him lines of communication through which to mobilize demonstrations. This is the most dramatic example of the French penchant for harboring Islamic extremists, Mr. Pryce-Jones points out,
noting that they granted a safe haven to Haj Amin el-Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem, returning him to the Middle East when he was wanted as a war criminal in 1945. He concludes that "twice now the world has been handicapped by French-harbored monsters – Haj Amin and Khomeini – who were fascists." ...
Article with emphasis submitted by Bob Anderson.

Indonesia must prevent tunnel construction under Aqsa mosque
Indian Muslims.Info 2007/1/29
..."The Indonesian government must file a protest with the UN against the Israeli activity," said Suripto, a member of the House of Representatives` Commission on defense, information and foreign affairs.   The tunnel construction was deeply hurting the feelings of Muslims all over the world as the Al Aqsa Mosque is Islam`s second most holy shrine, he said. ...
Now it's the second most holy shrine, and now the Indians are restless too?

Suicide Bomb Kills 3 at Bakery in Israel
The New York Times 2007/1/29
A Palestinian suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside a bakery in the Red Sea resort town of Eilat today, killing three people.   Security officers investigating the scene of a suicide attack in Eilat, Israel.   It was the first suicide bombing inside Israel in nine months. And the location made it even more unusual. ...A masked spokesman for Islamic Jihad told a news conference in Gaza City that the bombing was carried out in retaliation for Israeli raids against Palestinian groups. The spokesman also said that the bomber reached Eilat by traveling through Jordan.   The Jordanian government denied the claim, saying there was no record of the bomber entering or leaving the country ...

Interfaith leaders to urge greater U.S. involvement in Mideast peace efforts in meeting with Sec’y Rice
Catholic Online 2007/1/29
A delegation of Catholic, other Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders is scheduled to meet Jan 29 with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to urge increased Bush administration engagement in working toward achieving long-term peace in the Middle East.   The State Department meeting follows up with a December call by 35 interfaith leaders for a face-to-face meeting to outline “elements of a way forward” and to make Arab-Israeli-Palestinian peace in the Middle East an urgent foreign policy priority with a two-state solution as its centerpiece.  ...

U.S. naval buildup in Gulf targets Iran
The Militant 2007/1/29
...In his January 10 speech, Bush charged the governments of Iran and Syria with fomenting sectarian violence in Iraq and warned that Washington will “seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq.”   Any such networks “are outside Iraq,” said ultrarightist politician Patrick Buchanan in a January 12 column. “Otherwise, they would have been neutralized by air strikes already.   “So where are they? Answer: inside Syria and Iran. And Bush says we are going to ‘seek out and destroy’ these networks.” This suggests, he said, that “Bush has in mind a different kind of escalation—widening the war by attacking the source of instability in the region: Tehran.” ...

Desolate Roads Part 2 of 2
Michael Yon Online 2007/1/28
There will be huge changes in Iraq this year.   2007 is truly "the year" for Iraq, for various reasons, including the upcoming elections in the United States.  Barring an asteroid strike on some major city, the war in Iraq will be the most important topic in 2007.  It will also be one of the most under-reported.   There are two types of media sources covering this war: the ones who are here, and those who are not.  The media is Missing In Action, and reporting from afar.  Yesterday, for instance, major media reported on an attack in a small village north of Mosul.  None of those sources actually visited the village.  I did.   I'll bring home frontline information all year, or until something sends me home.  Please support these dispatches by spreading the links. ...
Contributed by Bob Anderson.

King receives Cable from Chief of Islamic Higher Commission in Jerusalem
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/28
...King Abdullah II on Sunday received a cable from Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque and Chief of the Islamic Higher Commission in Jerusalem Dr. Ekrema Sabri in which he praised the endowment of His Majesty by rebuilding the platform of Saladin and returning it back to al Aqsa Mosque.   Sabri said that this endowment embodies the Hashemite’s keenness to rebuild the Islamic holy places and to save them as well as to save the Islamic civilization in Jerusalem.

Qasrawi Meets Officials from Paraguay and Honduras to Discuss G-11 Initiative
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/28
...Qasrawi said it was important for the G-11 countries to work together and coordinate their stands to receive the support of the G-8 industrial nations during their upcoming meeting.   Officials from both countries expressed appreciation of efforts exerted by Jordan under King Abdullah’s leadership to support the initiative and achieve the aspired for goals. They affirmed keenness to activate cooperation with Jordan in all fields.   The G-11 initiative was launched by His Majesty on the sidelines of the 60th session of the UN General Assembly last year. ...
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

German Ambassador Holds Press Conference
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/28
German ambassador to Jordan Dr. Klaus Burkhardt launched the German Presidency of the European Union in Amman at a press conference on Sunday.   The ambassador said that the German EU Presidency is marked not only by high expectations vested in the EU, but also by new joint efforts to revive the Middle East peace process.   Ambassador Burkhardt referred to the talks of His Majesty King Abdullah II with German Chancellor Angela Merkel meeting in Berlin on Sunday. He said the talks focused on the situation in the Middle East and other important issues on the global and regional agenda. ...He stressed the close and cordial European-Jordanian partnership marked by intense economic, cultural and technical cooperation. Out of 27 member states, 17 EU countries and the European Commission are represented by diplomatic missions and a delegation office respectively in Jordan.   The ambassador said that Germany, Europe’s most powerful economy, is Jordan’s no.1 European trading partner with bilateral trade amounting to around 580 million Euros in 2006. ...
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

Fatah, Hamas accept Saudi king offer for urgent talks in Mecca
Al Bawaba 2007/1/28
Saudi Arabia invited feuding Palestinian leaders for urgent talks the holy city of Mecca and both the Hamas-led Palestinian government and rival faction Fatah said on Sunday they had accepted the invitation. The special offer from Saudi King Abdullah was declared on the third day of fierce clashes between Palestinian gunmen in Gaza Strip in which over 20 people have been killed.   "I invite them all ... for an urgent meeting in brotherly Saudi Arabia at the sacred house of God to discuss disputes in a neutral (atmosphere) without intervention from any other side," the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted Abdullah as saying in an open letter.   "Unless the wise in Palestine put a decisive and immediate end to the dispute ... it would deny the steadfast Palestinian people any hope in ridding itself of the hell of the Zionist occupation and (block) the creation of an independent free state of Palestine," he said.   "What is happening in the land of brotherly Palestine serves only the enemies of the Islamic and Arab nations and puts question marks in the minds of the international community which respects our just (Palestinian) cause." ...
Talk about a credibility gap, ...if it exists anywhere on earth, it exists with the Palestinians and Arabs.
Contributed by Brother Sal.

Jerusalem: A Cup of Reeling (Zech. 12:2)
Israel Today 2007/1/28
Meir Shamgar, the former chief justice of Israel’s Supreme Court, quoted this verse during a conference on Jerusalem to illustrate that, 3,800 years after Jacob’s dream, Jews and Arabs still revere the Holy City.   The forum posed this question: Will a compromise on the holy places in Jerusalem ever be possible? The answer from both Jewish Knesset (parliament) member Arieh Eldad and his Moslem counterpart Ahmed Tibi was a resounding, “No!” Neither Jews nor Arabs will be willing to relinquish control of the Temple Mount, marking the site of the biblical Temples and the holiest place in Judaism, and home to the Mosque of Al Aksa, the third holiest place in Islam. ...

Middle East Newsline 2007/1/27
...Nuclear cooperation was discussed during the visit by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to Amman on Jan. 23. Officials said Musharraf and King Abdullah agreed to expand strategic relations, including defense and security.   "
Musharraf pledged to help Jordan technically for the construction of a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes," an official said.

International conference on religions and reform
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/27
...Experts from Arab and foreign countries are expected to participate in the two day conference, where deliberations will focus on inter-relations of religious heritage of all religions, in a bid to reach more comprehensive understanding to the essence of religions.   Among the topics to be discussed in the conference which is due to be held in the Dead Sea area are religion and human interest,
Judaism and reform, Christianity in reform eras, and means of reform in Islam.

King, Merkel focus on peace process and economic cooperation
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/27
...King Abdullah II on Saturday discussed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel the reviving of peace process between the Palestinians and Israelis and Lebanese situation, in addition to bilateral relations, particularly economic ties. ...King Abdullah also noted there is global consensus on the dangers resulting from failure to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the core issue in the region. ...Merkel underlined the importance of taking serious steps to pave the way for the peace process, noting achieving peace is not only in the interest of the region, but rather for the interest of Europe and whole world.   She commended the economic accomplishments Jordan has achieved ...
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

Jordan, Chile discuss economic ties
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/27
Chairman of Amman Chamber of Commerce Haider Murad voiced hope that a Chilean investment delegation’s visit to Jordan would yield fruit to further enhance trade volume and increase joint investments between Jordan and Chile. ...
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

Livni warns Abbas against striking deal with Hamas
Haaretz 2007/1/27
Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni warned Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas yesterday that should he reach a compromise with Hamas, that would send the diplomatic process into a deep freeze.   "Compromising with extremists will not promote anything, but it can lead to further stagnation," Livni told Abbas during a session of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. ...

Livni, Peres, Abbas Share Visions for PA State at World Forum
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/26
..."We have the road map, a road map that includes the Arab initiative as well as President Bush's vision regarding the two-state solution," Abbas said. "What is required now, in all honesty, is for us to trace the beginning and the end of this peace process."   Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres also addressed the forum, expressing a vision of shared economic cooperation between Israel and the PA.   He said Israel and the Palestinians should work together alongside Jordan to stimulate foreign investment in the region.   Peres stated that Israel, Jordan and PA have already agreed in principle "to take the whole length of the frontier," a 500 kilometer-long strip along the current Israeli-Jordanian border, "and convert it into an ongoing economic zone."   "We cannot save the Dead Sea unless we do it together. We cannot build new industry ... unless we do it together," Peretz added. ...
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

Turkey mulls 'invading' Iraq
Aljazeera 2007/1/26
Turkey's parliament went into secret session this week to debate sending troops to invade and occupy northern Iraq for security purposes. ...Onur Oymen, the deputy chairman of the Opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), said: "Northern Iraq is the only place in the world where a terrorist group can operate without being pursued."   "If the Iraqis and the US are not prepared to take action over this, then we must." ...
Contributed by Bob Anderson.

America is risking credibility in the Middle East, says King Abdullah
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/26
...King Abdullah today warned that U.S. credibility is on the line in the Middle East. The King said that the United States' failure to tackle the major crises in the region accounts for the apparent decline in its reputation.   "If America again moves the peace process forward only half-heartedly, I don't think America will ever be trusted again in the region," King Abdullah said during a question and answer session with American journalist Charlie Rose. "What that bodes for the future of the Middle East is not very bright." ...the King disputed that regional conflict, including conflict between Muslims, had its origins in religion. For the past several centuries, he said, there has never been a Sunni-Shia conflict. However, he said, some political organizations and countries today are using politics to try and create a religious conflict inside Islam. He added that sectarianism had been injected into the regional political vocabulary only since the 2003 Gulf War, and the use of it threatened to "open a Pandora's box".   "If you do start this, then the conflict wouldn't just be in Iraq, it would be from Beirut to Bombay," he warned. "We've got to make sure that this never happens, because that’s one flame that, once it starts, it’s going to be impossible to put out."

King Abdullah calls for new vision for Middle East
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/26
...King Abdullah II on Friday challenged delegates at the World Economic Forum in Davos to use their insights, tools and strategies to articulate a new vision for the Middle East.   The King said that such a vision should be one “of ordinary life where people can go to shop or work without fear … where ambulances don’t face checkpoints to get the sick to hospitals … where young people are able to build families and plan long careers … where the first-grade students of 2017, Israeli and Palestinian, can look back as adults, and have no memory of the conflict years.”   “It is a vision of an expanding regional economy, whose resources and energies go into productive growth, not wasteful conflict … where cross-border partnerships and shared interests will create new synergies … and where smart investments in our young people will expand access to opportunity,” King Abdullah said. “This can happen in the Middle East.” ...
? Daniel 7:8, Revelation 13:5 ...And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

King Meets Israeli Officials
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/26
...King Abdullah II on Friday met with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni in Davos.   His Majesty the King called on Israel to accept the Arab peace initiative that gave Israel guarantees to live within its Arab environment for restoring rights of Palestinians, mainly the right to establish the independent state on the national soil.   King stressed the importance of seizing the opportunity to end decades of conflict between Arabs and Israelis, pointing to the importance of responding to the current peace initiatives based on the roadmap and Arab peace initiative. ...
? John 5:43 "I am come in my Father's name (HASHEM), and ye receive me not: if another shall come "in his own name" (HASHEMITE), him ye will receive.
This is the world's 'man of peace'!  There remains no doubt.

Special Address by His Majesty King Abdullah II at the World Economic Forum 2007/1/26  (the king's complete speech)
...My friends,
We meet here at an historical moment for
my region and the world. After nearly seventy years of Arab-Israeli conflict; after a 40-year occupation of Palestinian land, there is new international attention and willpower to end this long and destructive clash. It is a rare opportunity to effect change … to marshal global commitment and resources, and help create a new dynamic of hope in the Middle East.   We cannot afford to miss this opportunity. The continued denial of Palestinian rights is a firestarter for global and regional crises, crises that are arising more frequently, with greater destruction. ...There are opportunities in every sector: cross-border partnerships that give both sides a stake in the future of peace … development and education initiatives that engage young people … investments in economic growth and opportunity … communications projects that create new dialogue … professional exchanges that bring together experts to work on common concerns like health, water, the environment … information sharing between civic groups in humanitarian relief, children’s services and so forth … and much more. ...Now is not the time to isolate good ideas in professional silos. Nor can we accept walls between different peoples and faiths. Here at Davos, in May at the Dead Sea, we can re-imagine the future … and then help make that vision happen.   The movement is real. I urge you to be part of it. To bring the promise of this century to those who desperately need it. To create a future for them, for us. ...
? Daniel 7:8, Revelation 13:5 ...And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand
Spoken like a true Caliph, but also a pragmatic opportunist.

Blix: At least 10 years before Egypt and Jordan can launch nuclear programs
International Herald Tribune 2007/1/25
...Blix said he supported Jordan and Egypt's aims.   "I am positive to Jordan and am also positive to Egypt for nuclear power. It takes a little while to do this, at least 10 years," Blix told reporters in the Egyptian capital.   He named three areas of concern that must be addressed before Arab countries would be ready to launch their programs: operational safety, waste disposal safety and nonproliferation.   "We will need then to have a system ... of commitments on nonproliferation and a system of inspection in place to give the confidence," he said.   Blix urged Egypt to sign on to more stringent protocols giving the International Atomic Energy Association, the U.N. watchdog, greater access to information and inspections. Jordan has agreed to the additional measures, according to the IAEA. ...
You can bet your bottom dollar that Jordan's king has this program on the fast track, and that he is already jumping through all the hoops necessary to hit the finish line first on this one.  A few slick deals with 'friendly countries' can cut the ten years projected to a fraction of that.

Jordan restores Temple Mount pulpit
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/25
...The new pulpit, which towers six meters high, four meters long and one meter wide and includes 18 steps, was made of Turkish hard wood and Sudanese ivory, Dr. Raief Najim, the vice president of the Jordanian Construction Committee who has been involved in several recent Temple Mount projects, said in a telephone interview from Amman.   He added that the pulpit, which weighs several tons, took Jordanian craftsmen three years to design, and four years to manufacture.   The pulpit arrived in Jerusalem this week from Amman in 25 packages spread out on six trucks, and was brought up to the Temple Mount late Tuesday night in a move coordinated with Israeli officials. ...The original 800-year-old inlaid cedar wood pulpit had been donated to the mosque by Salah al-Din in 1178 CE. ...

Assad Tells Germany Israel To Blame for Tensions
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/25
Syrian President Bashar Assad told visiting German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier that Israel is to blame for tensions with Damascus. The German official tried to persuade Assad to negotiate on peace with Israel. ...

Arab League Pushes UN Resolution for United Iraq 2007/1/25
The Arab League, concerned that Iraq could splinter, is pushing for a United Nations Security Council resolution to ensure the country is never partitioned and that oil wealth is fairly distributed among Iraqis, the organization's top official said.   Secretary-General Amr Moussa, in an interview today on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, said he pitched the idea to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during her visit to Egypt earlier this month.   While Rice endorsed the principles he outlined for the resolution, Moussa said she didn't embrace the idea of formalizing them at the UN. ...

Olmert's party proposes handing West Bank to Europe
WorldNetDaily 2007/1/25
A member of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima party yesterday proposed transferring control of the West Bank to a European task force until the establishment of a Palestinian state, at which time the strategic territory would be handed to security forces associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. ...
Sounds like a 'hot potato' tactic to me.

Splendid Temple Era Street Found in Jerusalem
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/25
Archaeological excavations being carried out in Ir David, near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, have uncovered what is said to be one of the most impressive finds in the site: a magnificent terraced street from the Herodian era, which served pilgrims and extended 600 meters from the Shiloah (Siloam) Pool to the Temple. ...

Anti-Syria Majority Head Calls On Followers To Stay Alert 2007/1/25
The head of the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority Saad Hariri called on his followers Wednesday to be on high alert and ready to defend the "dignity of Lebanon" and its democratic rules after Hezbollah-led protests that killed three people. ..."They said it is going to be a general strike, instead it was general destruction. Is this the democracy they are planning to give the Lebanese?" Hariri asked. ...

Ordinary Palestinians and Israelis Ask World Leaders at World Economic Forum in Davos, 'What Are You Willing to Do to End the Conflict?' 2007/1/25
OneVoice Movement mobilizes citizens from across Israel, West Bank and Gaza to say 'Enough!'
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, And Vice Premier Shimon Peres Respond to 1,389 Activists from OneVoice Movement with Commitment: 'We will Work For A Two-State Solution' ...

Proclamation by Head of Government

Dafka 2007/1/25 (May 16)
..."In virtue of this authority," Mr. Ben Gurion then said, "the Provisional Council of Government is established."
Two Points
He made these two points:
(1) "It is the highest legislative organ of Medinat Yisrael with the right to enact laws until the Elected Assembly is constituted. The Provisional Cabinet (of 13 members) will take over its duties from tomorrow."
(2) "All legislation resulting from the British Government's White Paper of May, 1939, will at midnight tonight become null and void. This includes the immigration provisions as well as the land transfer regulations of February, 1940."
"Legislation concerning security and emergency legislation will be published and enacted in due course." ...

Musharraf, Mubarak back new Palestine initiatives
The News 2007/1/25
SHARM EL-SHEIK: President Pervez Musharraf and his Egyptian counterpart, Hosni Mubarak, held talks on Monday on the presence of Arab militants on the Pak-Afghan border and on a role for Muslim nations in supporting the Israeli-Arab peace process. ...
“What is expected today is for a group of Muslim and Arab countries to mobilise the Muslim world and lead it, both towards an internal agreement and in its dealings with the outside world,” Aboul Gheit said. The two leaders also reviewed developments in Iraq, Kasuri said. But neither he nor Aboul Gheit provided further details.   Musharraf, who arrived here last night after discussing the peace proposals with King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia, was to leave for Amman later in the day. He will discuss with King Abdullah II the Middle East situation, before heading for Syria and the United Arab Emirates.
The above statement in red is a very key point, and is why the Little Horn king will be enabled to do just that.

Jordanian dad shoots teen daughter in head in 'honor killing' 2007/1/25
A Jordanian man fatally shot his 17-year-old daughter whom he suspected of having sex despite a medical exam that proved her chastity, an official said Thursday. ..."The tests proved that she was a virgin,'' the pathologist said. The girl returned home only after her father signed a statement promising not to harm her, he added.   The father shot the girl four times in the head on Tuesday. On Wednesday, an autopsy was performed that again showed "she was still a virgin,'' the pathologist said. ...Global human rights organizations have condemned such killings and appealed to King Abdullah II to end to them. ...

Iranian official says country received Russian defense missiles
Haaretz 2007/1/24
...Arab League Secretary General warns U.S. against attacking Iran   The threat of a U.S. attack on Iran is very serious and would risk spreading sectarian violence throughout the Middle East, Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa said on Wednesday.   "It's a 50/50 proposition, and we hope that it won't happen. Attacking Iran would be counterproductive," Moussa told Reuters at the World Economic Forum. ...

King Calls Muslims to Build on What Unites Them
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/24
...King Abdullah II called all Muslims, Sunni and Shia, to build on what unites them and put aside their differences and prevent external interference in their affairs. ...Answering a question on the axes and alliances, the King said: ”I strongly believe that the Arabs should have one voice and one position and that there should be Arab understanding of events around us. We should have a common position on the challenges that we face at this moment and we should ensure that words should be translated into deeds.” ...
Spoken like a true Caliph.

Rice Briefs King Abdullah II of Jordan on Results of her Regional Tour
Palestine News Agency 2007/1/24
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice briefed King Abdullah II of Jordan on her recent regional tour in the Middle East and US administration's exerted efforts to relaunch the peach process. ...For his part, King Abdullah II affirmed Jordan's keenness to activate the international efforts during the coming period and build on the political momentum which the region have witnessed recently in
which guarantees the relaunch of the peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis in light with the international legitimacy and the two-state solution to establish the Palestinian independent state. ...

Jordan king urges Iran to avoid 'rattling' stability in region
National Council of Resistance of Iran 2007/1/24
Jordan's King Abdullah II called on Iran to avoid "rattling stability" in Iraq, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon, in an interview published Wednesday.   "We wish to see positive and balanced relations between Iraq and Iran, and between Arab countries and Iran," the monarch told the London-based Arabic daily Asharq Al-Awsat, also carried by Jordan's Petra news agency.   "We believe that Iran must refrain from seeking to rattle stability in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq and any other part of the region so that we can make progress towards building such relations," he said. ...
? Daniel 7:8, Revelation 13:5 ...And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things

Asharq Al-Awsat Interviews King Abdullah II of Jordan
Asharq Alawsat 2007/1/24
...King Abdullah II did not hesitate in revealing his vision on the policy of the axis in the region, saying “I would like to ask here, that if the US and Israel are described as one axis, and Iran and some political powers in Syria are described as another, and if the Arabs decided to form another group that is aligned with neither one side nor the other, would that be treason? Treason is to forge alliances with enemies of the nation, against its aspirations.” ...
? Daniel 8:23 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

King Abdullah II: All Will Pay a Price Unless the Palestinian Question is Solved
International Middle East Media Center 2007/1/24
King of Jordan, Abdullah II, warned on Wednesday that
unless the question of Palestine is solved this year, all should pay a price, the London-based Alsharq Al-Awsat Arabic newspaper published.   During a special interview with the Alsharq Al-Awsat, Monarch of Jordan was quoted as saying: “Jordan has realized an American commitment and readiness to go forward to see a two-state solution for both Palestine and Israel, with a focus on final status talks’ issues such as Jerusalem and the refugees problem”. ...
Perhaps just a slip of the tongue or editor error, or is it a hint of a threat of recompense?

Parts of new podium arrive at al-Aqsa Mosque
yNetNews 2007/1/24
...Adnan Husseini, who is in charge of Temple Mount mosques, said that installing the new podium will take two weeks. According to him, "It is a beautiful work of art, the likes of which were not seen in the last 300 years."   The original podium was built by Zalah-A-Din about 1000 years ago, and was placed where, according to Muslim belief, the prophet Muhammad went up to the heavens. ...In last year's Ramadan month Abdullah announced a new project under his supervision: Building a fifth steeple to the al-Aqsa Mosque in Temple Mount, and supporting all the necessities of day-to-day maintenance of the mosque and the adjacent Dome of the Rock.   The Jordanian king also announced the starting of a new foundation for funding Muslim religious causes such as this ...

King Abdullah II allocates $14.1m for culture in Jordan
MENAfn 2007/1/24
...King Abdullah II ordered the allocation of $14.1 million to enhance cultural activities in the country and support Jordanian intellectuals, Jordan Times reported.   Under the King's plan, an independent fund will provide financial support for establishing libraries, museums and publications for Jordanian intellectuals. ...
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

Australian Ambassador Praises King Abdullah’s Peace Efforts
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/24
The Australian ambassador to Jordan Trevor Peacock stressed the importance of efforts being exerted by His Majesty King Abdullah II to achieve peace in the region.   In an interview with Jordan News Agency on the occasion of his country’s national day, the ambassador said that Australia supports King Abdullah’s efforts and initiatives designed to bring about stability in the region and end the cycle of violence. ...

Lebanon boils as Hezbollah leads protest
Chicago Tribune 2007/1/24
...The swift seizure of the country's roads took many here by surprise, and marked a major escalation in Hezbollah's campaign to overthrow Lebanon's U.S.-backed government. ...The opposition, dominated by the powerful, Shiite Muslim Hezbollah, had called for a general strike on Tuesday, and the roadblocks gave people little choice but to stay home. ..."Welcome to hell," said Mohammed Boukari, 29, who stood watching as his south Beirut neighborhood dissolved into a melee of religious taunts, gunfire and rock-throwing. ...Barricaded indoors, the government decried the opposition's tactics as an attempted coup d'etat. "This is not a strike. This is military action," Cabinet minister Ahmed Fatfat told the Al-Arabiya satellite channel. ..."They want us to be ruled by Iran and Syria," said Omar Senou, a 27-year-old photography clerk. "That will never happen, even if we have to cut throats."
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots
Continued justification for Assad's uprooting.

DAVOS-Arab League's Moussa warns U.S. against Iran attack
Reuters 2007/1/24
The threat of a U.S. attack on Iran is very serious and would risk spreading sectarian violence throughout the Middle East, Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa said on Wednesday. ...
"If there were to be a war, other genies will get out of the bottle. You cannot imagine the impact on the Gulf countries, on the Mediterranean," Moussa said.   His concern over an looming U.S.-Iran confrontation was shared by business leaders and political commentators at an opening session on the Middle East at the Forum, an annual gathering of the world's rich and powerful. ...

Davos: Demise of Hub-and-Spokes World Economy 2007/1/24
...these trends are indicative of the terminal demise of the 20th century global hub-and-spokes business paradigm, whereby the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries represented the hub and the different parts of the developing world the spokes. The new paradigm, though not yet entirely clear, is one of growing axes of trade, investment, networks and knowledge across the erstwhile spokes. Economic ties are also spawning more political and cultural connections.
By no means should one infer that the old industrialised nations are "finished". The US, EU, Japan, Australia, Switzerland and Norway remain extremely rich in both material and cultural wealth. But, in the words of Bob Dylan, "The times they are a-changin'", and both the demise of the hub-and-spoke and the rise of the new global axes of business development are inexorable. ...

Iran, Syria Storing Weapons for Hizbullah
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/24
Hizbullah has circumvented United Nations Security Council ceasefire resolution 1701 by letting Syria and Iran store weapons destined for the terrorist organization. The resolution bans unauthorized groups in Lebanon from receiving arms.   However, most of the Syrian weapons have reached past U.N. Interim Forces (UNIFIL) and the Lebanese army and have reached Hizbullah ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots
Continued justification for Assad's uprooting.

Sick: Signs of Emerging U.S., Israeli, Sunni Arab Alliance against Iran
Council On Foreign Relations 2007/1/23
Gary G. Sick, a former National Security Council adviser on Iran, says an “emerging strategy” is developing that brings the United States, Israel, and Sunni Arab states in an informal alliance against Iran. ...

12 Kadima MKs sign 'rebellious' petition on Golan
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/23
The turmoil inside Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima Party intensified on Tuesday when Likud MK Yisrael Katz revealed that no less than 12 of Kadima's 29 MKs signed a petition of 61 MKs he drafted opposing any future withdrawal from the Golan Heights.   Many of the MKs who signed the petition have been talked about as possible future defectors from Kadima, including faction chairman ...

Abbas says won’t obligate Hamas to recognize Israel
yNetNews 2007/1/23
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday he would not demand that Hamas recognize Israel as a precondition for the establishment of a unity government in the Authority.   “However, I am demanding that the government adhere to the agreements of the Palestinian Legislative Council and the decisions reached by the United Nations,” he said. ...
Now that they have their cool $100 million, we will have to wait until the next time they need another $100 million for them to 'seem to budge' on the recognition of Israel.  In the meantime, it's business as usual.

The Bane of Jihad 2007/1/23
...There are two things that have to be kept in mind for all times; Iran’s animosity toward the western world and Judeo-Christian civilization is not a Shia faith but to a large extent, only confined to the clerical establishment that rules Iran today. Whereas Sunni hatred for the West is the direct result of anti-Semitic interpretations of the Holy book and Hadith, Shia don’t share their passion for the Caliphate. Iran’s Shia are more concerned with the historical Sunni animosity toward their faith than with the Wahhabi fanaticism for the global jihad. They know that a predominant portion of Sunnis view Shiites as heretics. Top Saudi Arabian clerics have declared Shiites around the world to be infidels who should be considered worse than Jews or Christians. ...A majority of the Shiites also feel betrayed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s anti-American diatribes as they believe that September 11, for the first time, made the West aware of the evilness of Wahhabi ideology and thus it was a chance for the Shiites to establish their rightful place among the civilized peoples. That’s why it is of vital importance for the U.S. to find a way to eradicate Khomeinism that fuels Ahmadinejad’s anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism without alienating the Shia. If there is one force that can destroy the Wahhabi institution of global jihad it is Shia. The West will one day need them.

Syrian-Israeli peace talks confirmed by Swiss FM
Al Bawaba 2007/1/23
Switzerland has revealed that despite rumors to the contrary, informal peace negotiations between Syria and Israel did take place, with the help of Swiss mediators.   Swiss Foreign Minister and Federal Councilor Micheline Calmy-Ray made the comments late Monday that confirmed reports last week that back-channel negotiations had been held, according to Haaretz. ...

Hamas will distribute $100 million Olmert gave to Abbas
Jerusalem Newswire 2007/1/23
...At the time Olmert quietened his critics, assuring them that Abbas would oversee the distribution of these funds, and that Hamas - which has been boycotted internationally until it recognizes Israel - would not be able to touch the money.   Now, however, PA Minister of Planning Samir Abu Aisha (Hamas) has stated that his organization will be fully involved in handing out the cash.   Doing so makes a mockery of Olmert's assurances and will help bolster Hamas popularity in its ongoing conflict with the Fatah faction of the PLO. ...

Syria Considers Itself Possible Target of U.S. Military Attack 2007/1/23
Syria has gone from being a potential negotiating partner of the United States to considering itself a possible target of military attack, leaving the government in Damascus both worried and defiant. ..."The Bush people really have a block when it comes to Syria,'' said Mark N. Katz, a professor of politics at George Mason University in Virginia. "The Syrians are just not seen as someone you can do business with.'' ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

San Jose Airport Begins New Screening Program 2007/1/23
...More than 35,000 people nationwide are paying a $99 annual fee to receive pre-screening from the Transportation Security Administration and a biometric identity card that allows them to move quickly through airport security, according to Mineta San Jose spokesman Rich Dressler.   "You'll step into the kiosk. Your bottom half is being scanned, your shoes -- for explosives, metal, things like that --
while your iris or fingerprints are being scanned," Dressler said describing the process. ...
How bad will it have to hurt lifestyles before people not only receive the mark of the beast, but want to pay to receive it when it does come?

Hypersonic Cruise Missile: America's New Global Strike Weapon 2007/1 (January)
The mission: Attack anywhere in the world in less than an hour. But is the Pentagon's bold program a critical new weapon for hitting elusive targets, or a good way to set off a nuclear war? ...If Pentagon strategists get their way, there will be no place on the planet to hide from such an assault. The plan is part of a program — in slow development since the 1990s, and now quickly coalescing in military circles — called Prompt Global Strike. It will begin with modified Tridents. But eventually, Prompt Global Strike could encompass new generations of aircraft and armaments five times faster than anything in the current American arsenal. One candidate: the X-51 hypersonic cruise missile, which is designed to hit Mach 5 — roughly 3600 mph. The goal, according to the U.S. Strategic Command's deputy commander Lt. Gen. C. Robert Kehler, is "to strike virtually anywhere on the face of the Earth within 60 minutes." ...

Sanhedrin-Related Web Site Claims Jerusalem Post Report 'Fabricated'
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/23
A web site for the Sanhedrin-affiliated Special Court For Matters Concerning The Nation and the State has issued a statement warning that a Jerusalem Post report claiming the court had ruled that Central Command Major-General Yair Naveh has the Jewish legal status of a moser was “pure media distortion.” ...

US ambassador says situation in Iraq unacceptable
The Jordan Times 2007/1/22
...During a press briefing yesterday, Hale told reporters that Jordan secures its borders with Iraq, while Iran and Syria have problems in doing the same. ...The new US strategy also seeks to control the borders with neighbouring countries, particularly Iran and Syria, and calls on Iraqis to deal with all outstanding issues, including their internal security. ...Hale also reiterated his country’s support of a Quartet meeting in Washington on  February 2, adding that  that during a meeting in Kuwait between Jordan, Egypt and the GCC foreign ministers and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the two sides agreed to work on reaching a permanent solution for the Palestinian issue.
Contributed by Jody Deasy.

eGATE project be launched at QAIA next month
The Jordan Times 2007/1/22
...When the eCard is scanned upon entry or exit from immigration, a traveller’s record, photograph, passport information and fingerprint scan are required to match. Any anomalies are caught by the system and reported, the statement added. ...“We see this project as adding immense value to our passenger travel. With arrivals and departures terminals going live with Electronic Gate, we see Jordan joining world leaders in safe and secure passenger travel across the region to make the world a safer place,” the statement quoted JCAA Director General Captain Suleiman Obeidat, as saying. ...

Judeh: King and government reiterate support to efforts geared to foster Palestinian national unity
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/22
King Abdullah II and his government reaffirmed their support to any effort designed to consolidate Palestinian national reconciliation, establish government of national unity and put an end to internal fighting and blood shedding, Government Spokesman Nasser Judeh stated Monday. ...Judeh said “ we heard yesterday Abbas’s remarks following his meeting with Meshal but we haven’t received all the information on what they have agreed upon.” If the final outcome of Damascus meeting aims to lift blockade on the Palestinian people, push the peace process forward, establish a national unity government and stop the Palestinian-Palestinian fighting, then it is a something positive and Jordan supports all these efforts,” Judeh told reporters ...

Islamic Movement: Suspicious digging under Temple Mount
yNetNews 2007/1/22
Group raises charges that religious Jewish groups are making moves to construct Third Temple. Israel Antiquities Authority: There were no excavations, there are none, and none are planned ...

Jordan's King urges EU to activate its role in pushing peace process
People's Daily Online 2007/1/22
Jordan's King Abdullah II on Sunday urged the European Union (EU) to exert more efforts in pushing the peace process forward in Middle East and creating a relevant climate for the Palestinians and Israelis to return to the negotiating table. ...

Bedein: Iran Finances Regime Militias In Syria
The Evening Bulletin 2007/1/22
Syrian opposition sources said Tehran has transferred tens of millions of dollars to organize, equip and finance at least two major militias under the direct control of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The sources said the militias contain Shiites, with many of them trained in and sent by Iran.   "The alliance between Syria and Iran dates back more than two decades, and was explicitly reaffirmed by the two ruling regimes as recently as January 2005," Ammar Abdul Hamid, director of the Tharwa Foundation and a leading Syrian dissident, said. "Indeed, the two are now joined at the hip." ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots
Continued justification for Assad's uprooting.

Bush Urged to Make Israeli-Palestinian Peace Now
InterPress Service News Agency 2007/1/22
..."Circumstances have changed since the Road Map was launched, and the sort of long drawn-out phase approach I don't think really works anymore," Jordan's King Abdullah II told an Israeli newspaper last week. "So,
we're looking at combining phases, I think, to move people as quickly as possible." ..."We're thinking that the timing is right for a two-state solution now," said Joel Tauber, the second co-chair and a trustee of the United Jewish Committees. ...

Kurdish Iraqi president under fire from Sunnis
Monsters & Critics 2007/1/22
Sunni MPs, members of the Iraqi Accord Front which has 44 seats in the Iraqi parliament, have vehemently criticized Kurdish President of Iraq Jalal Talabani for allegedly 'inciting sectarian violence,' pan-Arab channels reported ...Talabani has come under fire for allegedly highlighting the death toll of Shiite Muslim civilians in the violence plaguing the country since the 2003 ouster of Saddam Hussein.   Sunni leaders allege that the president, in remarks to the press, has habitually drawn attention to the high numbers of Shiites killed. ...

Feverish diplomatic activity around restarting Mideast negotiations
International Herald Tribune 2007/1/22
..."We're at the pre-negotiation stage where the emphasis is on confidence-building measures," Miri Eisin, a spokeswoman for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, said Monday. "But we're not talking about the substance." ..."We are for negotiations on a final status agreement, even if there are (confidence-building) steps," said Nimr Hammad, a political adviser to Abbas. "But (those steps) must be tied to a final status agreement." ..."Time is running out and we must use it to strengthen the moderates," Peretz said in a speech Monday at a security conference. ..."No one treats the road map seriously any more," said Yossi Beilin, a dovish Israeli lawmaker who was involved in several rounds of negotiations with the Palestinians.   The re-energized U.S. involvement is intended "to create the impression that the Middle East is on their agenda," Beilin said.   "They want to guarantee a pragmatic Arab coalition, and they know the stumbling block is the Arab-Israeli conflict," he said. "And since they can't solve it, they make do with talking about it."

Haniya: US out to topple government
Gulf Times 2007/1/22
Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya of Hamas said yesterday the US was determined to bring down his government despite the Islamist group’s standing offer of a long-term truce with Israel.   Haniya, speaking before talks in Damascus between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah and Hamas leader Khalid Mishal, reiterated that any such accommodation with Israel did not entail recognition of the Jewish state.   "We accept a Palestinian state on the lands (Israel) occupied in 1967, but in return for a long-term truce and not recognition," Haniya said in a speech. ...

A MEMRI TV Broadcast
Comment: If you think our Talk TV is bad, wait until you see this!
Link and comment provided by Bob Anderson.

Analysts optimistic that West will act
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/22
..."The Saudis have stopped hiding the fact that there are joint interests for Israel and Saudi Arabia, and [Saudi officials] are telling the media that the Iranian threat is greater than the Israeli one," Col. (res.) Eran Lerman, director of the Israel/Middle East office of the American Jewish Committee and a former senior IDF intelligence analyst ..."It is ironic that [the Sunni Arab states] have lived for two generations with the assumption that the Jews have a nuclear weapon, but only when the Shi'ites are developing one do we hear [that they are developing their own options]," Lerman continued. ...According to Robert Einhorn, a former US assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation and a member of the American Council on Foreign Relations, "there's a Sunni Arab-Israeli commonality of interest in containing an ideologically aggressive Iran." ...While "six months ago, Iranians were proud their country was seen - even in the Arab world - as a leader," said Einhorn, "at this point, they are beginning to see Ahmadinejad as a liability." ...

A country in question
Haaretz 2007/1/22
..."There is certainly no other state," wrote Eban, "big or small, young or old, that would consider mere recognition of its 'right to exist' a favor, or a negotiable concession."   Since then, the discussion of Israel's right to exist is no longer just the realm of Arab parties in conflict with Israel, and has become part of the European and American discourse. In recent years, particularly since the second intifada and the failure of the Camp David talks, one can find an increasing number of discussions like "Was it a mistake to establish a Jewish state?" or "Should we work to abolish Israel?"   No European government, and certainly not the U.S. government, supports this position. Moreover, the 25 members of the European Union declared in 2005 that denying the Jewish people its right to self-determination - for example, by claiming that the State of Israel is a racist endeavor - is equivalent to anti-Semitism. ...

A third option in Iraq - the Kurds
Haaretz 2007/1/22
...In cosmic terms, Iraq is a black hole. What is keeping the hole from sucking in the entire Middle East is the American presence there. If the U.S. pulls out completely from Iraq, as many wish it to do, the ensuing disintegration of Iraq and the impact on the region will give rise to challenges on a global level that will be extremely difficult to manage. This is a dilemma that American strategists have surely wrestled with for some time.   There is, however, an option that offers many advantages, minimizes costs in American lives and assets and can potentially be used to effect greater stability in the region. The United States should not withdraw from Iraq - not entirely. Instead, the U.S. should establish a bolstered, semi-permanent presence in the most stable part of Iraq, the Kurdish-controlled north. ...

King Meets EU Foreign Policy Chief
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/21
...the King urged Europe to back efforts designed to reinvigorate the peace process due to its importance in finding a permanent solution fro the Palestinian issue, which is the core of the conflict in the region. ...Solana for his part expressed the EU’s appreciation of His Majesty’s continued efforts on the regional and international levels to achieve peace and stability in the region. ...

King to take part in 2007 Dafus session of WEF
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/21
...King Abdullah II takes part in the World Economic Forum WEF 2007 session opening in Dafus during 24-28 January under
the theme “The Shifting Powers Equation” with the participation of 2400 of the world leading economic activists, politicians, media representatives and people from the academia from 90 countries. About 24 head of states are expected to join the forum.   His Majesty King Abdullah will deliver a keynote address at the forum focusing on conflicts in the Middle East with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict at its heart. The speech will put forward practical solutions to invest the region’s potentials for the well being and prosperity of its peoples.   ...The forum provides a rare opportunity for Jordanian business leaders to meet their counterparts from around the world and discuss with them investment opportunities and economic privileges in Jordan with its economic openness and strategic location in the Middle East. ...
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

 Jordan continues efforts to strengthen the initiative of the Group of 11
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/21
Jordan continues its efforts with members of states in group of eleven medium-low income to promote the initiative, which was launched by His Majesty King Abdullah II and the agreement on the plan action among them to achieve the desired aims and push the interest in the world trade, investment and economic fields. ...

? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

Jordan's King Meets With Iraqi Vice President 2007/1/21
..."The monarch underlined the importance of the participation of all components of the Iraqi people, be they Shiites, Sunnis or Kurds, in order to avoid Iraq falling easy prey to anarchy and foreign ambitions," the statement from the royal court said.   The king reiterated Jordan's support for the national reconciliation in Iraq
"provided that it fulfils the aspirations of all Iraqi groupings," it added. ...

EU top diplomat: time to move Israeli-Palestinian peace process from crisis management to conflict resolution
International Herald Tribune 2007/1/21
..."We think there is an opportunity now, an opportunity we should not let go of," Solana told reporters following talks with Jordan's King Abdullah II in the capital city Amman. ...Solana said, "It's been taking too long a time; the situation has not evolved, the peace process has not evolved, but we think this is the moment to give it a push and to see if we can put it back on track."   "What is needed in order to get the peace process back on track is the political will," he said. "From my talks with the different actors, in the United States and in the region, I think the political will (is there)." ..."The moment has arrived to change the mode," ...

Defense official: Time to break Iran-Syria alliance
yNetNews 2007/1/21
"Israel must uproot the Iran-Syria alliance, either by diplomacy or through military means, within the next year," said Gilad, the director of the Defense Ministry's Political-Military Bureau.   He added that the alliance between the two countries was based purely on common interests, and that "the Iranians do not like the Syrian regime." ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

Javier Solana Arrived on Official Visit in Jordan
iFocus 2007/1/21
Javier Solana, High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union has arrived on official visit in Jordan where he is going to discuss with King Abdullah II and with the Foreign Minister al-Hatib chances and possibilities for the start of new peace talks between Israel and the Palestine authorities ...

Azerbaijan express appreciation on Jordan's supportive stands
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/21
...A statement issued by the Azerbaijani embassy in Amman, marking the 1990 tragedy committed by the former soviet Union, said also that King Abdullah II’s recent visit to Azerbaijan formed an essential progress in the relations between the two friendly countries.  
‘We look proudly to the Hashemite historical leadership and its remarkable role in the achievements Jordan has accomplished, and in supporting the causes of the Arab and Islamic nations, the statement said. ...

Washington indicates Amman’s peaceful nuclear plans acceptable
The Jordan Times 2007/1/21  (includes regional nuclear map)
The US State Department indicated that it had no objection to a plan by Jordan to develop a nuclear programme for peaceful purposes, the Associated Press reported. ...The Islamic Action Front, Jordan’s largest opposition group, on Saturday backed King Abdullah’s plan, according to an IAF official.   “The IAF highly appreciates King Abdullah's call for having a nuclear programme because this issue is a question of national consensus,” IAF spokesperson Rahil Gharaibeh said in a statement. “All Arab countries should be interested in the possession of this technology because the foe number one of the Arab and Muslim world already owns this technology, including its military branch which it uses to threaten our security and stability.” ...
? Daniel 8:25 ...and by peace shall destroy many

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Moqtada Sadr ends boycott of Iraqi government and parliament in move to avert Iraqi-US crackdown on his Mehdi Army militia in Baghdad
DEBKAfile 2007/1/21
...Sheik Mahmoud El Hassani, spokesman of Sadr’s militia ordered all 20,000 Palestinians living in Iraq to quit the country or face death. He said the Palestinians, for whom Saddam Hussein provided housing and money, had brought their suffering on themselves by joining forces with Sunni extremists and al Qaeda and for killing Shiites in the Saddam era. “They lived off our blood under Saddam. We were hungry when they were comfortable. They should leave now or they will have to pay,” said the Shiite sheik. ...

Rice Says Olmert, Abbas Agree to Talk PA State in DC
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/21
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Saturday that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) both agreed to discuss parameters for the establishment of a formal PA state when they meet together in Washington next month. ...

Joint Arab Strategy for Economic and Social Work
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/21
A joint meeting of the Arab League members started on Sunday at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo to prepare a joint strategy for Arab economic and social work. ...The strategy is seen as a transformation of the ambitious vision of the Arab Summit for the future of Arab economic and social efforts into programs and projects to be implemented.

Haniyeh renews 10-year truce offer
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/21
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas on Saturday renewed his offer for a 10-year truce with Israel in return for the establishment of a temporary Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem. ...Fatah and Hamas officials had played down the significance of the Abbas-Mashaal talks - the first summit of its kind since July 2005 - and pointed out that the gap between the two parties concerning the formation of a unity government remains as wide as ever. ...
Blah blah blah blah!!!!  It's all for the cameras and the west to eat up.

Walking the Line 2007 Part 3 of 3
Michael Yon Online 2007/1/21
...Americans and other Coalition partners want the Iraqis on their feet, by showing them we intend to help but that the nipple is drying up and it’s time for the new Iraqi government to eat hard food. ...
Contributed by Bob Anderson.

Analyst says US plans envision broad attack on Iran
yNetNews 2007/1/20
..."I've seen some of the planning ... You're not talking about a surgical strike," said Wayne White, who was a top Middle East analyst for the State Department's bureau of intelligence and research until March 2005. "You're talking about a war against Iran " that likely would destabilize the Middle East for years, White told the Middle East Policy Council, a Washington think tank. "We're not talking about just surgical strikes against an array of targets inside Iran. We're talking about clearing a path to the targets" by taking out much of the Iranian Air Force, Kilo submarines, anti-ship missiles that could target commerce or US warships in the Gulf, and maybe even Iran's ballistic missile capability," White said. ...

King Abdullah to Haaretz: Jordan aims to develop nuclear power
Haaretz 2007/1/20
...King Abdullah II says, "I can say that on behalf of the U.S. president and the secretary of state..." ...

Comment: Is this a slip of the tongue, or an affair of the heart?
? Daniel 8:25 "And through his shrewdness He will cause deceit to succeed by his influence; And he will magnify [himself] in his heart.
Article, comment, and scripture reference contributed by Tim.

Assistant US Secretary of State Warns Iran to Stop Interfering in Iraq
Asharq Alawsat 2007/1/20
...In an exclusive interview with "Asharq al-Awsat" Welch said military concentrations in the Gulf "should frighten those who must be frightened" but did not elaborate any further. He added that the sending of two US aircraft carriers to the Gulf and the intensification of the military presence there "do not worry our friends in the region but frighten some others because they should be frightened."   Welch underlined US rejection of a negative Iranian role in Iraq stating that "The Iranian Government knows very well our apprehensions about its role in Iraq through the channels available to us to send messages to it and from our very clear press statements." He added: that "Iran must leave Iraq alone. It has enough problems without the Iranian interference." ...

The Northern Mosaic: Peoples and Faiths of North Iraq
Assyrian International News Agency 2007/1/20
Although the US appears to be initially facing somewhat greater challenges from various Shi`ite groups in southern Iraq ..., the complexity of peoples in northern Iraq remains a long-term challenge that could prove extremely volatile, particularly given the longstanding ambitions of the Kurds and the possibility of Turkish intervention. ...

Al Aqsa leader on Abbas – Mashal meeting: Failure would be catastrophic for national cause
Palestine News Network 2007/1/20
...Speaking from Jenin Refugee Camp Saturday night, Zbaidi told PNN that the Damascus meeting to be held between President Abbas, factional leaders, and head of the Hamas political bureau, Khalid Mashal, must provide a “clear-cut lead to end the problems and restore national cohesion.”   He called on all participating actors to use full force and vigor to end sedition by living up to their responsibilities and finding a way to agree. “There is no choice but to come to an agreement now as we are going through the most serious stage experienced by the Palestinian cause. We must fight together to close ranks and rally energies to end the state of chaos and strife. Failure is unacceptable because the consequences would be catastrophic for our national cause.” ...

Musharraf starts Middle East tour
Monsters & Critics 2007/1/20
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf on Saturday began a four-day visit to five Arab countries. ...Musharraf is also slated to meet with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, King Abdullah II of Jordan and Syrian President Bashar Assad, as well as President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates.
He no doubt sees this as an opportunity to help the Arabs develop their nuclear potential, and at the same time line his coffers.

King: We will promote nuclear power for peaceful purposes
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/19
...Regarding the Iranian issue,
King said the rules have changed on the nuclear subject throughout the whole region. He pointed out that the Egyptians are looking for a nuclear program, the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) are looking at one, and we, in Jordan, are actually looking at nuclear power for peaceful and energy purposes. “We've been discussing it with the West”. ...
? Daniel 8:25 ...and by peace shall destroy many

Jordan set to develop its own nuclear program
Russian News & Information Agency 2007/1/19
King Abdullah II of Jordan has told the Israeli daily Haaretz that his country would launch a civilian nuclear research program, following identical declarations of Egypt and other Gulf nations. ...""The rules have changed on the nuclear subject throughout the whole region," King Abdullah II said. "Where I think Jordan was saying, 'we'd like to have a nuclear-free zone in the area,' after this summer [when Israel invaded Lebanon], everybody's going for nuclear programs." ...
? Daniel 8:25 ...and by peace shall destroy many

Jordan seeks nuclear peace for Mideast 2007/1/19
King Abdullah II said Friday that Jordan wants to develop a peaceful nuclear program, joining Egypt and Arab Gulf countries in considering a nuclear option. Arab nations are fearful over the West's failure to stop Shiite Iran's nuclear ambitions, which they worry will lead to Tehran having an atomic weapon. ..."Jordan is trying to toss another log on the fire and ... obliquely point out to the Iranians that the acquisition of such a weapon would create such pressure on the Arab neighbors (to respond) that acquiring the bomb would not be useful" for Iran, said Justin Logan, a foreign policy analyst at the Washington-based Cato Institute.   The Jordanian king announced his interest in a nuclear program in an interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Abdullah said his kingdom wanted nuclear power "for peaceful purposes" and has been "discussing it with the West." ...
? Daniel 8:25 ...and by peace shall destroy many
I ask, how is a 'peaceful nuclear program' going to counter a nuclear bomb?  It's not, but it's a tiny step more to get the bomb.

Arab states realigned, yet volatile
Los Angeles Times 2007/1/19
...Rising fear of extremism, she said, was causing a "realignment" that was drawing together moderate Arab governments in a way that would make it easier for the United States to contain Iran, mend Iraq and work for Israeli-Palestinian peace. ...Yet it's not clear how far this cooperation will go, the observers say. And there is a danger, some add, that the same fear could lead these governments to promote extremism that would further inflame the region. ...One sign of the new attitude came Tuesday, when foreign ministers of eight Arab countries issued a joint communique ...And observers fear that some Sunni governments, unsure whether the Americans will prevail, also are lending support to Sunni extremists to hedge their bets and offset the Shiite ascendance. ...With these moves, he said, "there is a growing danger that the current U.S.-Iranian confrontation could escalate in the coming months from harsh rhetoric and economic sanctions to military action."

Ahmadinejad Says Ready for War, UN Nuke Chief Urges Talks
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/19
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared Thursday that Iran is now fully prepared for a war with Israel and the United States.   "Today, with the grace of God, we have gone through the arduous passes and we are ready for anything in this path," Ahmadinejad said, according to Iran’s state-run TV. ...Meanwhile, the Hashemite King of Jordan told Haaretz that his regime is also seeking to become a nuclear power. As the Hashemite regime is propped up by the West in a country that is majority Palestinian, Jordanian nukes would be only an election away from being controlled by an Islamist group, possibly Hamas. ...

Jordan king: Celebrate my birthday with work
yNetNews 2007/1/19
...The Jordanian news agency Petra reported that two days ago, King Abdullah sent a letter to Jordan’s Prime Minister Marouf al-Bakhit, instructing the removal of his own and his father’s birthdays from the Jordan’s official holiday calendar.   In the letter, Abdullah wrote: “Serious work and dedication are the key to economic prosperity. Every day we work brings with it new opportunities for additional achievements and renewed investments, and opens up new horizons for creativity and development.”   “Therefore,” he summed up, “I have decided that my birthday, on the 30th of January, and my father’s birthday, on the 14th of November, will be declared as two regular work days.” ...
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

Jordan Signs Development Agreement with World Bank
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/19
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan signed agreement with the World Bank signed "The Regional and Local Development Project" agreement on Friday at the World Bank headquarters in Washington. ...The Government of Jordan regards this agreement as integral to its development goals and proactive reform efforts and sees it as testimony to the strong ties Jordan enjoys with the World Bank.
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Arrives in Jordan
iFocus 2007/1/19
...Abbas is expected to meet with the King of Jordan Abdullah II. Abbas’s visit to Jordan is held prior to his visit to Syria tomorrow. There he will meet with the Syrian President Bashar Asad and ...

Abbas, The Good Terrorist Made in Hollywood
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/19
...Clint, of course, would have been our first choice, and some wise guy in the meeting mentioned Mel. Come on, this is serious.   We've sent him—our boy Abbas—to the makeup department, gave him a shave, a haircut, a smile and a shine. We've sent him to Costume, gave him a suit and a tie. We've coached him in Acting 101. He's picked up that warm, cuddly, neighborly Chamber of Commerce handshake. ...

DEBKAfile reports: Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas visits Beirut Saturday, Damascus Sunday. A high Iranian official is keeping tabs
DEBKAfile 2007/1/19
...DEBKAfile’s sources in Tehran report that the Islami Republic is not happy with the Syrian government’s frequently published offers of friendlier relations with the US and the revival of peace talks with Israel. The Iranian emissary to Damascus asked Asad to describe how he perceives his strategic partnership with Iran in two or three years’ time.   This query was Iran’s way of checking to see if Asad intended to stick to their alliance in the foreseeable future or break away. The Iranians are also uneasy over Syria’s non-response to the Israeli demand to rein in the Hizballah. The Iranian high-up demanded an unambiguous statement from Asad ...

The Blasphemy Challenge 2007/1/19
The Rational Response Squad is giving away 1001 DVDs of The God Who Wasn't There, the hit documentary that the Los Angeles Times calls "provocative -- to put it mildly."   There's only one catch: We want your soul.   It's simple. You record a short message damning yourself to Hell, you upload it to YouTube, and then the Rational Response Squad will send you a free The God Who Wasn't There DVD. It's that easy. ...

? Daniel 8:23 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

Iraq's Armchair Quarterbacks
FrontPageMag 2007/1/19
...What the degeneration of the mission in Iraq indicates most profoundly is that one 9/11 was not enough to crack through the platitudes of the late 1960s--which are deeply embedded in the universities, television networks and editorial pages of major newspapers. There remains, in such circles, the delusion that the jihadists are ultimately live and let live types, that totalitarian Islam will eventually just peter out, that the principles of the European Enlightenment will simply dawn on a billion Muslims without us cramming them down their throats.   This may in the end prove the deadliest error in geo-political judgment Americans have ever made. Members of the genocidally well-meaning baby-boom generation will likely go to their graves believing they “gave peace a chance,” having spared themselves the anguish of killing hundreds of thousand Muslims . . . and likely bequeathed to their children and grandchildren the anguish of killing scores of millions.
Contributed by Bob Anderson.

Symposium: From Russia With Death
FrontPageMag 2007/1/19
...we may see a repeat of what happened during the Cold War, when the Kremlin moved from killing émigrés to assassinating international leaders ...

Contributed by Bob Anderson.


Interesting Statements To Think About

Abdullah II of Jordan is the 43rd generation direct descendant of Mohammad

Bush is the 43rd President of the United States





(paraphrasing Chey at
the DB)

Daniel 7:  24)  And the ten horns out of this kingdom [are] ten kings [that] shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings....
This apparently means to be born after.  Abdullah II came up after them.  Abdullah II is the youngest of all the leaders of the GCC, and younger than Egypt and Yemen's presidents.  Daniel states that the kings of the North and South (Egypt and Jordan?) are supposed to fight during tribulation, but that doesn't mean that Egypt can't be one of the seven, since it appears that the king of Egypt will be killed by those that sit at his table, according to Daniel, so Egypt it looks like, might be the seventh.  All these countries are in the proper directions in relation to the scriptures.  South, East, and toward the pleasant land (Israel).

The Middle East Kings/Rulers birth dates
(those left after the uprooting of 3):

Saudi Arabia









(paraphrasing Al at
the DB)

Daniel 7:  8)  I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn [were] eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.
The word "among" is the Hebrew word "beyn" it means "between".

Dan 7:  24)  And the ten horns out of this kingdom [are] ten kings [that] shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.
The word "after" is the Hebrew word "achar" it means "after"

When you put the two meanings together you see that this king came up between them geographically, and rose up after them demographically.

perfect !




(paraphrasing MS at
the DB)

Jordan's Abdullah: We will promote nuclear power for peaceful purposes
Haaretz 2007/1/18
..."We're all on the same boat. The security and the future of Jordan is hand-in-hand with the future of the Palestinians and the Israelis. ... So, a failure for us is a failure for you, and vice versa."  ...Jordan never gave up playing a constructive role in the holy cites of Jerusalem. Do you see a Jordanian role in Jerusalem as part of a final status solution?   "I look at Jerusalem as being a beacon for the three monotheistic religions. Now, where
Jordan plays a role is obviously from a Muslim point of view, we, as Hashemites, have a historical role in Jerusalem, but also all the Christian churches are credited to us. So, there is obviously a role for Jordan in finding a solution to Jerusalem that is acceptable to all of us. Jordan will be a very positive element in that." ..."We're hoping that in the near future, and that could be weeks or maybe in a month or two, there'll be an opportunity to relaunch our final chance for a future for all of us in the region. And, if we're successful in doing that, then this will allow me to come and visit, and to try and bring the parties closer and closer together. ...
? Daniel 8:25 ...and by peace shall destroy many
? John 5:43 "I am come in my Father's name (HASHEM), and ye receive me not: if another shall come "in his own name" (HASHEMITE), him ye will receive.

King Holds Talks with Lebanese Prime Minister
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/18
...Jordan, under directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II was amongst the first countries, which sent human and medical aid for Lebanon during the Israeli aggression in July of 2006 through the air bridge Amman-Beirut. Jordan also established a field hospital in Beirut to treat large numbers of injured Lebanese people.   In press statements following the meeting, Siniora reiterated that His Majesty King Abdullah II is supporting Lebanon, pointing that His Majesty also supports efforts of the Lebanese government to unite the Lebanese internal front. ...

Pakistani President Visits Jordan Monday
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/18
...The two leaders will also discuss the latest developments in the Middle East and efforts being exerted to restore stability and security in addition to a number of issues in concern to the Islamic World.
...and you know that includes nuclear technology and weapons.

Guess, which side the dictators are on?
The Peninsula 2007/1/18
...The attempt to divide the Middle East into two opposing camps is nevertheless wrongheaded and dangerous. It ignores the many differences among the “extremists” — including internal divisions within Iran — that could be exploited by a subtler policy. The “mainstream” coalition of US allies, all Sunni-led states, must look threatening to Iraq’s Shiite government, which itself considers Iran a close ally. That Sunni leaders are publicly supporting the US escalation in Baghdad is at best a mixed blessing, since they have made it clear their motive is sectarian: They hope Shiite militias will be confronted.   Finally the new US policy betrays President Bush’s freedom agenda, giving a free pass to dictators who support the new geopolitical cause. Bush and Ms. Rice have said again and again that such trade-offs during the Cold War helped lay the groundwork for groups such as al-Qaida — which was founded and is led by Saudis and Egyptians. In its zeal to counter a crudely defined ideological enemy, the administration risks repeating that history.

Iraq for land
Al-Ahram 2007/1/18
...Rice tried to persuade the Arabs to back Bush's new Iraq strategy, widely seen as his last ditch effort to bring order to the war-devastated nation. They, on the other hand, were clear -- though some would argue not explicit -- that in return for their support they want a greater US engagement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They also insisted that any settlement in Iraq should give Iraqi Sunnis a greater role in running the country's affairs. ..."As a key component of the Iraqi social fabric,
the Iraqi Sunni community must be included as partners in building Iraq's future," King Abdullah II of Jordan told Rice in a closed-door meeting in Amman ...
The Iraqi Sunnis are the ones who last month asked the king for help in Iraq.  So now that he is in a position to help, and being asked by Bush for help, he is naming his price for that help.

Jordan's King urges Iraqis to put aside their differences in meeting with Iraqi vice president
International Herald Tribune 2007/1/18
Jordan's king told visiting Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi on Thursday that Iraq's people and leaders must put aside their differences to be able to restore security in their violence-gripped nation.   King Abdullah II also urged Iraqi Sunnis to participate in the decision-making process in their country. ...Iraqi leaders must "go forward on the path of restoring security and stability and building a better future for the Iraqi people," Abdullah said ...

Bakhit Receives Lebanese Prime Minister
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/18
...He told reporters that Jordan’s stance on Lebanon was clear for all, noting His Majesty King Abdullah II expressed his full support to Lebanon. ...
His Majesty, Bakhit said, made contacts with Arab leaders to come up with a unified stance on Lebanon. “The region’s crises, including events in Lebanon and Iraq resulted from the absence of justice in Palestine and the failure to arrive at a just, comprehensive and everlasting peace for the Palestinian issues that leads to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state,” he said. ...

EXCLUSIVE-Iraq seeks wanted Saddam's aides in Syria
Reuters 2007/1/18
Iraq will ask Syria to hand over senior Saddam Hussein aides suspected of stealing millions of dollars and helping the anti-U.S. insurgency, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said on Thursday. ..."The Iraqi officials concerned will ask Syria to hand over all those wanted by the Iraqi judiciary, including those suspected of committing non-political crimes, such as theft and corruption," said Talabani ...

Bush's New Iran Policy - War Plan or Propaganda?
ZNet 2007/1/18
...The initial rhetoric from Bush suggesting a possible intention to expand the Iraq war into Iran or Syria in response to alleged Iranian and Syrian support for anti-coalition insurgents had been followed by clarifications and new details that point to a very carefully calibrated propaganda offensive aimed at rallying his own political base.   Bush's identification in his Jan. 10 speech of Iran and Syria as "allowing terrorists and insurgents to use their territory to move in and out of Iraq" and the more specific reference to Iran as "providing material support for attacks on American troops" seemed to hint at such a plan to expand the war across the board into Iran.   Rice seemed to be dropping even more pointed hints of such a plan in television interviews on Thursday. On the NBC Today show, Rice vowed, on behalf of Bush, "[W]e are going to make certain that we disrupt activities that are endangering and killing our troops and that are destabilising Iraq." And when asked if that meant "attacks inside Iran and Syria" were "on the table", she responded that Bush "is not going to take options off the table..." ...

King instructs government to cancel two public holidays marking his birthday anniversary and that of late King Hussein
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/17
...King Abdullah II instructed the government to issue a decision canceling two public holidays marking his birthday as well as the birthday anniversary of the Late His Majesty King Hussein as of this year.
In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Marouf al-Bakhit on Wednesday, King Abdullah expressed hope that Jordanian citizens would observe these two occasions through increasing their productivity and contribution to the national economy by adding two days of work. ...
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

387 country of origin certificates issued Dec -- Commerce Ministry
Kuwait News Agency 2007/1/17
The Commerce and Industry Ministry said Wednesday it issued, in December, some 378 country of origin certificates for Kuwaiti exports goods worth a total of KD 17.4 million. ...He stressed that Jordan came first among the countries importing Kuwaiti goods and accounted for 110 of the certificates. The Kuwaiti exports to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan included foodstuff, oil and electric isolation material. ...
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

After Rice's tour, Arabs are cool to Bush's Iraq plan
North County Times 2007/1/17
CAIRO, Egypt -- Arab leaders were deeply skeptical Wednesday of the U.S. plan for Iraq, a day after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice tried to sell it to them. Kuwait's emir told Rice that America should work with Iran and Syria, officials said -- a move President Bush has rejected.   Underscoring the obstacles to U.S. efforts to win over Arab leaders, a U.S. diplomat said the Bush administration plans to send Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns on another Mideast shuttle to offer more details of the president's plan. ...

8 Mideast states back U.S. on Iraq
Los Angeles Times 2007/1/17
...The group, which consists of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and five other neighboring states, cited in their first joint communique "the principle of noninterference."   The countries, dominated by Sunni Muslims, also welcomed U.S. efforts to rebuild Shiite-led Iraq with an "inclusive political process" and to defend the Persian Gulf. ...The Bush administration convened the group for the first time in September, proposing collaboration on security and other issues. But though Sunni nations in the region are anxious about the rise of Iran, which, like Iraq, is led by Shiites, some members of the group have resisted suggestions to form a stronger alliance, fearing it could provoke Tehran. ...

I think you can watch these 8 Arab nations (7 plus Jordan), as they may well be the ones to 'give their power and strength unto the beast' to go forth conquering and to conquer 'the terrorists'.  It's obvious that they are being pressured to form a 'stronger alliance' which is what we should expect to emerge eventually.

Israel knew of secret peace talks with Syria, say officials
Belfast Telegraph 2007/1/17
...Amid a welter of official denials in Jerusalem that the contacts were an unofficial freelance operation unsanctioned by the government, and claims in Damascus that the report was "baseless", an Israeli official acknowledged that the Foreign Ministry had been informed of the talks but insisted that Dr Liel had not been in any way "mandated" to conduct them. According to a "non-paper" discussed between the two parties - diplomatic language for an unsigned document without legal status - and printed in Ha'aretz, the two sides envisaged Israel's acknowledgement of Syrian sovereignty "based on" the 4 June 1967 line but with the border to be "determined by both parties" with the sanction of the US and the UN. ...

Middle East Newsline 2007/1/17
...Syrian opposition sources said Teheran has transferred tens of millions of dollars to organize, equip and finance at least two major militias under the direct control of Assad. The sources said the militias contain Shi'ites, with many of them trained in and sent by Iran. ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots
Continued justification for Assad's uprooting.

Rice Lashes Out at Syria, Lahoud and Iran
Naharnet 2007/1/17
...She accused Syria of "allowing its territory to be used for the transit of terrorists from Syria to Iraq."   "They're killing innocent Iraqis. Syria is engaging in activities that are destabilizing to the democratic government of Lebanon and resisting efforts there to deal with Lebanon's past, the assassination of (Former Premier) Rafik Hariri," Rice added. ... "There's no indication that the Syrian government has anything but disruptive plans right now," Rice said. ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots
Continued justification for Assad's uprooting.

Israeli army balks at some US aid to Abbas forces
Reuters 2007/1/17
The Israeli army has raised objections to U.S. plans to equip Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's forces with body armour and other battle gear, an Israeli security source and European diplomats said on Wednesday.   An $86 million U.S. programme to strengthen Abbas's presidential guard will include funding for four-wheel-drive vehicles, new uniforms and military training, diplomats briefed on the programme said. ...

Israel to transfer $100 million of taxes its withholds to AbbasIsrael to transfer $100 million of taxes its withholds to Abbas
IMEMC News 2007/1/17
A senior Israeli official reported on Friday that Israel intends to release $100 million of Palestinian tax revenues it withheld, to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas by Friday, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported. ...

Lost in the Middle East
The Washington Post 2007/1/17
The administration has divided the region into 'extremists' and 'moderates.' Guess which side the dictators are on. ...the new U.S. policy betrays President Bush's freedom agenda, giving a free pass to dictators who support the new geopolitical cause. Mr. Bush and Ms. Rice have said again and again that such trade-offs during the Cold War helped lay the groundwork for groups such as al-Qaeda -- which was founded and is led by Saudis and Egyptians. In its zeal to counter a crudely defined ideological enemy, the administration risks repeating that history. ...
This is exactly the scenario ripe for 'the antichrist' to morph into full power.

Discover the Arab Lobby “Network” 2007/1/17
As Western civilization faces the threat of a radical Islamic foe that seeks to annihilate it, the collective self-assurance of the Western psyche continues to wither under the relentless, low-grade assault of the political Left. This assault presents itself in the form of constant criticism aimed at America’s allegedly vast array of societal defects — with the intent of expunging every last shred of self-respect from the Western mind and heart, and of thereby convincing Western man that his irredeemably sinful culture is unworthy of his defense. The key operatives in this assault are leftwing organizations describing themselves as defenders of such righteous-sounding ideals as “civil liberties,” “human rights,” “peace,” and “social justice.” Allied with them is a growing cabal of pro-Arab, anti-Israel groups that, both jointly and independently, characterize the U.S. and Israel in particular as nations that routinely inflict immense suffering on Arab populations all over the world. By portraying Arabs as victims of American and Israeli transgressions, these groups aim — through their press releases, official statements, publications, and direct actions — to shape public opinion regarding such issues as the war on terror and the Arab-Israeli conflict. ...

MKs close to Sharon deny talks with Syria
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/17
While some Knesset members were quick to deny Tuesday's report of talks between Israel and Syria, other MKs urged the government toward such negotiations.   A report in Tuesday morning's Ha'aretz claimed to have a draft of a preliminary agreement reached between senior Israeli and Syrian officials. Several MKs who were close to former prime minister Ariel Sharon said that such talks were impossible, as the prime minister would not have accepted them. ...


Israeli, Syrian representatives reach secret understandingsIsraeli, Syrian representatives reach secret understandings

Haaretz 2007/1/16
In a series of secret meetings in Europe between September 2004 and July 2006, Syrians and Israelis formulated understandings for a peace agreement between Israel and Syria. ...As part of the agreement on principles, Israel will withdraw from the Golan Heights to the lines of 4 June, 1967. ...The border area will be demilitarized along a 1:4 ratio (in terms of territory) in Israel's favor.   According to the terms, Syria will also agree to end its support for Hezbollah and Hamas and will distance itself from Iran. ...

? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

Haaretz 2007/1/16
It began exactly three years ago. In January 2004, Syrian President Bashar Assad came to Turkey for an important visit, some say a historic one. By complete coincidence, Dr. Alon Liel, a former Foreign Ministry director general and former Israeli ambassador to Ankara, was in Istanbul and staying at the same hotel as the Syrian delegation. His friends in the Turkish Foreign Ministry hinted to Liel that Israel had a respectable spot in the conversations between Assad and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.   A few days after Liel's return to Israel, he was invited to a meeting with the Turkish ambassador to Israel, Feridun Sinirlioglu. ...

Haaretz 2007/1/16
...The objective of this effort is to establish normal, peaceful relations between the governments and peoples of Israel and Syria, and to sign a treaty of peace attesting to this achievement. The treaty will resolve the four "pillars" at the core of negotiations: security, water, normalization, and borders. There is be no agreement on any single one of these issues unless and until all of these issues are resolved. ...

Arab League chief opposes partitioning of Iraq
Kuwait News Agency 2007/1/16
Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa here Tuesday rejected the idea of "partitioning of Iraq" as a "red line" that Arab countries cannot accept.   Moussa was speaking to several Arab ambassadors here, saying that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was informed of Arab objection to the idea of partitioning Iraq during her visit to Egypt on Monday. ...Moussa called on the international community to buttress and shore up an Arab initiative aiming to create national reconciliation in Iraq, expressing Arab support for citizenship in Iraq as a key item of dealing among the Iraqi people. ...
This news implies that there are some that plan to partition Iraq, whereas, the Arab League insists that they will not stand for it.  Therefore, they, the Arabs, need to come up with their answer to this unacceptable proposal.  I have thought and said for some time now that they will morph into a type of 'United States of Arabia' with it's capital in Iraq, which I also believe will be headed up by King Abdullah II of Jordan.  Although, I'm sure they will come up with some other Arab/Muslim acceptable name for it.  I say King Abdullah II of Jordan because of his influence with the west, but most importantly his emulation of the characteristics of the expected Muslim Mahdi and positions in favor of and toward Arab/Muslim issues at large.  We watch and wait.

Nothing but the oil truth
Gulf News 2007/1/16
The oil truth is now unfolding. Everything else was a charade for America as it quietly drafted Iraq's new oil law to enrich further Bush's and Cheney's oil buddies for the next 30 years.   In fact, a representative of the American company BearingPoint has been quietly working in the US embassy in Baghdad to "assist" with the law to be approved by Iraq's parliament.   This law drafted in Washington and approved by US oil companies before Iraqis themselves even heard of it, will give unprecedented partnership "rights" to American and Western oil giants. ...

Are U.S. elites planning a horrific Global Nuclear War to conquer Iranian Oil and other Resources?
The Canadian 2007/1/16
At no point since the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945, has humanity been closer to the unthinkable, a nuclear holocaust which could potentially spread, in terms of radioactive fallout, over a large part of the Middle East.   All the safeguards of the Cold War era, which categorized the nuclear bomb as "a weapon of last resort" have been scrapped. "Offensive" military actions using nuclear warheads are now described as acts of "self-defence". ...

Google Earth map marks Temple Mount Palestinian
yNetNews 2007/1/16
Gaza Strip also 'Israeli occupied,' even though Jews withdrew in 2005 ...Interactive Google Earth maps mark eastern sections of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount as "occupied territory," set to become part of a future Palestinian state.   Google Earth states it demarcates its maps according to international standards, but no Israeli-Palestinian negotiations – even the failed Camp David final-status negotiations in 2000 – ever placed the Temple Mount within Palestinian territory. ...

Iran's leader urges Muslim unity
BBC 2007/1/15
Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has called for greater unity between Sunni and Shia Muslims amid continuing fears over Iraq. ...

Sure he does, as long as it benefits his endeavors.

King, UAE President discuss current situation in Middle East
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/15
...King Abdullah II on Monday held talks with Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, on the latest developments in the Middle East in addition to means of enhancing bilateral relations in the various fields. ...The negotiations, they said, should be based on international legitimacy resolutions and the Arab peace initiative, leading to establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. ...

An Arab Quartet?
Judeoscope 2007/1/15
...In Washington, Jerusalem and London, there has been expressed interest in the establishment of an "Arab Quartet", consisting of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the Gulf principalities, which would complement, and coordinate with the work of the existing international Quartet (US, EU, Russia, UN) on Middle East issues. Could such a grouping be effective? ...
I call this is 'the seven plus one' group.

Two Hussein Allies Are Hanged; One Is Decapitated
The New York Times 2007/1/15
...After the executioners pulled black hoods over the heads of the two men, tightened nooses around their necks and pulled the lever opening the trapdoors, both fell like deadweights. But the hangmen’s calculations of weight, gravity and inertia — a grim science that has produced detailed “drop charts” used for decades around the world to ensure enough force for certain, rapid death but no more — appeared in Mr. Tikriti’s case to have been seriously awry.   Iraqi officials who attended the hanging said later that for Mr. Tikriti, a man of medium height and build, the calculation allowed a “drop” of 2.4 meters, or nearly 8 feet, and about that length of thick yellow rope could be seen coiled at Mr. Tikriti’s feet before the hanging. But the video showed his head being snapped from his body as he fell, and ending up, still inside the hood, lying in the pit of the gallows about 5 feet from Mr. Tikriti’s headless body. ...

U.S. says to "go after" Iran, Syria networks in Iraq
Reuters 2007/1/15
The United States plans to "go after" what it said were networks of Iranian and Syrian agents in Iraq, U.S. ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said on Monday.   "We're going after their networks in Iraq," he told a news conference, as he laid out the new U.S. and Iraqi strategy to end sectarian violence -- by both Sunnis and Shi'ites -- at what Khalilzad called a "defining moment" for Iraq. ...

Nasrallah Says Little Chance for Israeli-Syria Peace
Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) 2007/1/15
...He said that "facts on the ground" will prevent an agreement and that "the American government will not allow the Olmert government to negotiate with Syria."

Temple Aqueduct and Ritual Bath Excavated Opposite Temple Mount
Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) 2007/1/15
...The new archaeological find uncovers a missing link in the ancient water system, known as the "Lower Aqueduct." This system channeled water from Solomon’s Pools near Bethlehem (located several miles south of Jerusalem) directly to the national focal point of Jewish worship - the Temple Mount.   Solomon’s pools, situated just north of the modern Jewish town of Efrat, cover an area of about 7 acres and can hold three million gallons of water. A lengthy aqueduct conveyed the water from ...

Invading Romans' greatest obstacle uncovered in J'lem
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/15
An immense bedrock cliff uncovered opposite Jerusalem's Temple Mount may help explain why it took the Romans so long to capture what is now known as the Jewish Quarter almost two millenia ago, an Israeli archeologist said Sunday.   The cliff, uncovered during a year-long excavation at the western edge of the Western Wall Plaza, was ...

Nasrallah: Israeli-Syrian pact unrealistic 2007/1/15
Hizbullha's leader Hassan Nasrallah estimated that Syria and Israel are not expected to sign a peace agreement in the near future.   In a long and comprehensive interview to the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Anba, Nasrallah was asked how a possible renewal of the negotiations between Israel and Syria may affect the situation in Lebanon, and said, "The proposal (of Bashar Assad to Israel – R. N.) is a diplomatic proposal and the facts on the ground in the region do not indicate there is a possibility this will happen." ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

Israel, US camouflage Iran attack plans
Gulf News 2007/1/15
...It seemed that the campaign for an American strike against Iran, possibly with nuclear weapons, might have become unstoppable. A number of events seem to have slowed down the Bush administration's blind galloping towards another war in the Middle East. ...An American strike against Iran difficult to plan for publicly; but an American-supported Israeli strike against Iran is not.   Israeli leaders seem to have reached a similar conclusion and began a concerted campaign of propaganda and intimidation. ...Last week, a British newspaper revealed Israeli plans for a nuclear strike against Iran: "Two Israeli air force squadrons" wrote the Sunday Times, "are training to blow up an Iranian facility using low-yield nuclear "bunker-busters". ...

Jordan's king: Sunnis should have say in new Iraq
CNN 2007/1/14
...The king said that Iraqi reconciliation would fail if Sunni Iraqis were not engaged in their country's decision making.   "Any political process that doesn't ensure the participation of all segments of Iraqi society will fail and will lead to more violence," Abdullah told Rice in a closed-door meeting in Amman, according to a statement by his press office.   "As a key component of the Iraqi social fabric, the Iraqi Sunni community must be included as partners in building Iraq's future," said the king, a top U.S. ally in the Middle East. ...
This statement by the king regarding his expectations coincides with the Islamic expectations of their Mahda: ..."He will overcome enemies and oppressors with the help of God, and as per the promise of the Almighty the Mahdi will eradicate all corruption and injustice from the face of the earth and establish the global government of peace, justice and equity." ...(see linked article below)

Arabs look for an Iraq-for-Mideast peace deal with Washington
Combined Jewish Philanthropies 2006/1/14
CAIRO, Egypt - Moderate Arab governments will tell U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this week that they will help Washington to stabilize Iraq if America in turn takes more active steps to revive the Mideast peace process, Arab officials, diplomats and media said Sunday.   The deal, dubbed "Iraq for Land," is expected to be proposed during a meeting between
Rice and her counterparts from eight Arab countries in Kuwait on Tuesday.   Rice arrived in the Middle East this weekend in a bid to explore opportunities for a fresh start in the stalled effort, but warned at the beginning of her trip that enduring peace cannot be stamped "Made in America." ...
Hmmm, let's see ...eight Arab countries ...perhaps seven plus the supposed Little Horn King, the eighth?  And I ask how could they help?  Perhaps give a crown to one of them, maybe the Little Horn King, to 'go forth conquering and to conquer' and 'by peace' (or in the name and cause of peace) destroy many' ('terrorists')?  We watch and we wait.

The US, GCC, Egypt, Jordan to hold talks on Iraq, regional developments

Kuwait News Agency 2007/1/14
Foreign Undersecretary Khalid Jarallah on Sunday said the foreign ministers of the United States of America, the six member countries of the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Egypt and Jordan are expected to discuss the situation in Iraq during a meeting of the nine countries slated in Kuwait on Tuesday. ...The GCC groups Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. ...
Hmmm, let's see ...eight Arab countries ...perhaps seven plus the supposed Little Horn King, the eighth?  And I ask how could they help?  Perhaps give a crown to one of them, maybe the Little Horn King, to 'go forth conquering and to conquer' and 'by peace' (or in the name and cause of peace) destroy many' ('terrorists')?  We watch and we wait.

Abbas back in Ramallah after meeting King Abdullah of Jordan
Palestine News Network 2007/1/14
Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, arrived in Ramallah on Saturday evening after a short visit to Jordan where he met King Abdullah of Jordan and held talks with him over the stalled peace process and the Fateh-Hamas clashes.   Both Abbas and King Abdullah are expected to hold separate meetings with the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, on Sunday.  ...
I suspect they just needed to get the 'stories' straight that they will tell Rice.

Christians in Jordan Mark Feast of Epiphany
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/14
About seven thousand Christian pilgrims as well as Arab and foreign ambassadors gathered at the site of Bethany at the banks of Jordan River on Friday to mark the feast of Epiphany and the Annual Day of Pilgrimage.   Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Michel Sabbah, who conducted a mass at the site, made remarks in which he highlighted the importance of this occasion, adding Christians meet at this site each year, where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ.   He expressed thanks and appreciation for His Majesty the King, The King’s Special Advisor HRH Prince Ghazi Bin Mohammad and the Jordanian government for the attention and care given to this place to enable Christians from Jordan and the world to come to the site and perform their prayers. ...

Jordan's king tells Rice the U.S. must press hard for Israeli-Palestinian peace ad that Sunni Iraqis must not be ignored
International Herald Tribune 2007/1/14
AMMAN, Jordan: Jordan's king told visiting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday that Washington must "actively push" for reviving Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts and warned that violence would escalate if no tangible solution was found to the lingering conflict.   King Abdullah II also warned that Iraqi reconciliation would fail if Sunni Iraqis were not engaged in their country's decision making.   "Any political process that doesn't ensure the participation of all segments of Iraqi society will fail and will lead to more violence," Abdullah told Rice ...
It appears obvious to me from his statements that the 'king' is setting Bush up.  However, he has something up his sleeve, is himself.  No one has ever brought 'peace' between the Sunni, Shia, and Kurds, and the king knows it, and he also knows they won't settle this among themselves.  Seeing that he is a Muslim, a direct descendant of Mohammad that speaks for Islam, and a king of obvious power and influence who the Muslims 'may listen to', it appears that he is hoping that it is he himself that ultimately 'is given the crown' and authority to settle this dispute.

Arrest all jaywalking history professors 2007/1/14
...The Washington Post claimed that this “holy book” has “an unassailably all-American provenance” because it was owned by Jefferson. This congratulatory announcement of Ellison’s “savvy bit of political symbolism” was spread through blogs like the Huffington Post and “Wren’s Nest News. Featuring the latest in Witch/Pagan & Mainstream Religious News.”   While the self-proclaimed intellectuals and profanity-spewing bloggers applauded Ellison’s “savviness,” those who know history and have retained the ability to smell a rat—but not crowned by the Left with Ph.D.’s or Pulitzer prizes--started spreading the truth about why Jefferson might need to refer to his Koran: he needed to know the enemy.   He needed to understand Muslim pirate slavers off the Barbary states who were pillaging villages and making slaves of non-Muslims: women as concubines and boys who were castrated. They also enslaved the Christian crews of American ships. While John Adams argued for paying tribute, Jefferson argued for war.  ...What the arrogant Congressman is banking on is the ignorance of the American people—that we will take him at his word that Jefferson’s reading of the Koran proves him a “broad, visionary thinker”—i.e., one who would approve of Ellison’s agenda. ...So, I suggest a citizen’s arrest for all jaywalking historians—those who refuse to remain within the lines of truth—for the crime of attempting to lead into the hands of tyranny. ...
Article contributed by Les Marsyla.

Sifting through history 2007/1/14 scientific dig has ever been allowed at the number one location - the Temple Mount: site of the First Temple of Solomon, the Second Temple of Ezra, Nechemia, the Maccabees, and King Herod, and currently the Al-Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.   Archaeologists are finally getting an opportunity, albeit in a less than ideal manner, to study findings from the Temple Mount. ...

Rice says she registers Mideast demands 2007/1/14
RAMALLAH, West Bank- President Bush’s top diplomat tried to assure Palestinians on Sunday she has heard their demands for a stronger U.S. hand to guide peace efforts with Israel. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, however, offered no new plans and gave few clues to how she views recent initiatives proposed by others.   “I have heard loud and clear the call for deeper American engagement in these processes,” she said after meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. “You will have my commitment to do precisely that.” ...

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas calls off his appointments in Damascus with Syrian ruler Assad and Hamas leader Meshaal after a severe scolding from US secretary Rice
DEBKAfile 2007/1/14
...DEBKAfile’s Palestinian sources report that when they met in Ramallah Sunday, Jan 14, US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice informed the Palestinian leader that Washington is determined to derail any collaboration deals he and his Fatah might conclude with Hamas’ leaders in the Gaza Strip or Damascus. The Bush administration likewise strongly opposes a non-political Palestinian government of technocrats or any administration based on Fatah-Hamas parity. ...Rice’s first mission on her tour was finding a handle on the Israeli -Palestinian conflict in order to ease her bid for backing from Arab rulers for the US drive in Iraq. Her first obstacle was the decision by Mahmoud Abbas to explore the advantages available should he decide to ditch US sponsorship and accept Syria backing for a Palestinian unity government and a rapprochement with Hamas ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

Abbas Denies Palestinian State Creation
Prensa Latina 2007/1/14
Palestinian National Authority (PNA) President Mahmoud Abbas rejected Sunday the creation of a state with provisional borders for a permanent peace with Israel. ...

Whacking the Piñata
President George Blindly Swings at his Elusive Target 2007/1/14
Well well well... George the Second went on TV Wednesday night (1/10/07) to announce his "new plan" to "win" the Iraq war.   I've really got to meet his dealer. That stuff he's smoking must be killer...   I'll now attempt to respond to this strident re-call-to-arms in a systematic, line by line way. Every sentence of his speech was carefully crafted (not by him, I presume) to "mean something" and impart a sense of world view and unstated assumptions. I'll do a bit of research and analysis as I go along, and explain what I think they're "really" trying to say, and what I think about what they actually and by implication did say.   This is an exercise in "whacking the pinata" in several ways.   For one ...

Talabani meets with Assad in landmark visit to Syria
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/14
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani met Syrian President Bashar Assad in Syria on Sunday in a landmark visit that could bring his war-ravaged country a small step closer to ending the raging violence and offer Syria the chance to ease its isolation. ...Talabani's visit comes only days after US President George W. Bush lashed out at Syria and its ally Iran, accusing them of supporting Iraqi insurgents. ...

Does Abe Foxman Have an Anti-Anti-Semite Problem?
The New York Times 2007/1/14
...In a conversation last month over lunch, as Foxman’s bodyguard kept a weather eye open from across the room, I asked the A.D.L. leader about his ever-renewed fount of outrage. “I haven’t done gevalt for 30 years,” Foxman said, though some might argue otherwise. “But never before has there been such a threat to Israel and to the Jewish people from a geopolitical conglomerate — the Arab world, with Iran, with Hamas, with Hezbollah, with its position that it will not recognize Israel. The vise is closing.” ...

Archeologists rip planned bridge to Mughrabi Gate
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/14

Analysis: Neither Olmert nor Abbas has much to offer Rice
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/14
...Rice didn't come to Israel bearing any grand diplomatic design or plan. In the current configuration, neither Olmert nor Abbas is politically strong enough to deliver much of anything. ...

Imam: Jews Trying to Establish Shul on Har Habayit
Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) 2007/1/13
The Chief Mufti of the Palestinian Authority, Sheikh Taysur Rajeb Al-Tamimi, condemned Friday the "dominance of the Zionist occupiers on holy Muslim real estate" in a Friday address to listeners at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. "They are attempting to do all they can to build a synagogue and allow Jews freedom to desecrate the Mount," ...
"This Jewish plot endangers the mosques and is intended to allow the construction of their false Temple," ...

Gates rules out attacks on Iran or Syria
The Daily Star 2007/1/13
US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Friday ruled out cross-border raids in Iran or Syria from Iraq as he defended a new strategy to send additional troops to the wartorn country. A cornerstone of the new approach, launched Wednesday by President George W. Bush, is increased pressure on Iran and Syria and tougher action to deal with militias such as hard-line Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's Mehdi Army militia. ...

Did We Just Declare War on Iran?
Slate 2007/1/12
Donald Rumsfeld's tenure as secretary of defense is quickly fading from memory, but yesterday, as his successor shuttled from briefing to hearing, one of Rumsfeld's famous aphorisms came to mind: If you can't solve a problem, enlarge it.   Coming from Gates, it sounded technical rather than slick. "We are beginning to move aggressively to try and identify and root out the networks that are involved in helping to bring Iranian-supplied [bombs] into Iraq," Gates said. If you can't solve Iraq, enlarge it. While you were sleeping, the war with Iran might have begun. ..."The Iranians need to know, and the Syrians need to know," said Rice in yesterday's hearing, "that the United States is not finding it acceptable and is not going to simply tolerate their activities to try and harm our forces or to destabilize Iraq." This drops the ball, yet again, on the Iranian side of the court. It is high noon: If Tehran doesn't stop its nefarious activities—and assuming Washington doesn't go back on its pledge to "not tolerate"—someone, somewhere, is going to pull the trigger.

Terror cells in Bush's sights
The Australian 2007/1/12
A US military strike against Iran must now be considered formally on the international agenda, following George W. Bush's sombre, calm, but in substance extraordinarily bold address on Iraq.   Bush accused Iran of providing material assistance for attacks on US troops in Iraq.   It is hard to imagine a more serious accusation.   What's more, Bush promised to stop such Iranian actions.   Whatever you think of Bush, he has a very high level of credibility when it comes to carrying out any threat he makes of military action. ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

Jordan's king urges Pres. Bush to revive peace process in White House call
International Herald Tribune 2007/1/12
AMMAN, Jordan: King Abdullah II urged George W. Bush to make greater efforts to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process when the U.S. president called the Jordanian monarch on Friday, the palace said in a statement. ...The Arab initiative, unveiled at the Arab Summit in Beirut in 2002, calls for Israel to withdraw from all territory occupied since the 1967 Middle East war in return for full recognition by Arab countries. ...

Iraq Will Be Split Up
The Washington Post 2007/1/12
My sad prediction is that in ten years, the Iraq we know now will no longer be there. Unless a strong charismatic leader is found to keep the country united, Iraq is likely to be split up in one way or another.   The south will become some type of Shiite dominated state, which will have strong alliances with the Iranians. The north will become an independent Kurdish state, and the center or the central western districts will likely become yet another state or might find some type of
alliance with Jordan either as part of a new expanded Hashemite Kingdom or a Jordanian-Iraqi confederation. ...

EU targets new start in Middle East peace process 2007/1/12
“If in the first semester of 2007 we don’t get the process at least framed, I don’t say finished, but framed, I have my doubts that we will be able to do it before 2008,” Mr Solana said.   “We have to put the political process in motion,” he said at the end of a two-day conference in Madrid that aimed to revive optimism into stalled Middle East peace. ...

Rice: Syria Still Trying to Topple Saniora
Naharnet 2007/1/12
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has reiterated that Syria is attempting to topple the government of Premier Fouad Saniora and rejected proposals to enter into dialogue with it.   Syria "continues to support extremist forces in the region, continues to try to bring down the government of Fouad Saniora in Lebanon," Rice told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday. ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots
Continued justification for Assad's uprooting.

McCain Defends Bush's Iraq Strategy
The Washington Post 2007/1/12
...Bush on Friday sought support for his new Iraq military build up in telephone calls to Jordan's King Abdullah II and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. ...

Construction of new synagogue begins on stolen Palestinian land in east Jerusalem
Palestine News Network 2007/1/11
Residents of occupied East Jerusalem's Old City are requesting international assistance as Israeli forces move forward with plans to build a Jewish Synagogue in the heart of the Palestinian area. The exact location is just 50 meters from the Al Aqsa Mosque, which is itself already under threat from Israeli groups that have been digging under the Mosque ...“A month ago they began bringing in the equipment and starting the work on an area of 200 square meters taken for the Jews after the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem began in 1967. The first step was a synagogue and at the same time they started work on another structure on a plot of land belonging to the Department of Islamic Endowments covering an area of 70 meters squared.”   Alzerba told PNN, “This matter summoned our intervention and we demanded of the workers to know who was responsible for the work they were doing, but they said that they were merely do cleaning and maintenance around the Muslim site and that they were not attempting to steal the plot of earth.”   He continued, “But these statements were not correct. Vehicles and armed soldiers began pouring into the area and a few days ago began construction that made it clear it is a synagogue. The door is on the south side, also making it clear that the next target is the adjacent Islamic Endowments' plot of land.” ...
? Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
Article and scripture contributed by Mike Smario.
My comment is this, if the one plot is for the synagogue, then the other 70 meters square plot must undoubtedly be for the future Temple.


Note well the Iran To Syria links!
Comments by Bob Anderson.

Author Steyn Sees Potential for 'New Dark Ages' 2007/1/11
Worldwide demographic shifts are working to the advantage of Islamic extremists, according to author and commentator Mark Steyn.   Speaking at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, Steyn, author of "America Alone," said foreign policy "realists" in the U.S. and Europe who seek to accommodate rather than confront Muslim radicals have bought into an "illusion of stability." ..."A new Dark Ages" could take hold, unless the U.S. acts. ...

Iraqi Pilgrims Hail King's Royal Gesture
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/11
Iraqi pilgrims hailed the Royal gesture of His Majesty King Abdullah II over providing them with a secure passing through to reach their homeland after performing Hajj. ...King Abdullah ordered on January 9 to ensure securing a path for Iraqi pilgrims who performed Hajj through the Jordanian lands and present all services for them. ...
A benevolent king?

West Bank Square Dedicated to Saddam Hussein
CNSNews 2007/1/11
A leader of the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, a group of West Bank militias linked to
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction, has dedicated the central square in a West Bank refugee camp to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein ...

'American weapons to be used on Jews'
WorldNetDaily 2007/1/11
The United States, aided by Israel, over the last few weeks has provided 7,000 assault rifles and more than 1 million rounds of ammunition to militias associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party, senior Fatah militants told WND. ...Abu Yousuf, a Fatah militant from Abba's Force 17 security forces, told WND while some of the weapons may be used in confrontations against Hamas, the bulk of the American arms would be utilized to "hit the Zionists." ...

Direct air link between Jordan and Hungary
Portfolio.Hu 2007/1/11
...“This service will link Hungary not just to Jordan but to a Middle Eastern air market of 200 million people. It will boost Hungarian tourism and trade, and help Ferihegy to grow into the most successful airport in Central Europe," said Budapest Airport CEO Stewart Wingate. ...

? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand

Bush plan on Iraq snubs proposals for dialogue with Syria
International Herald Tribune 2007/1/11
U.S. President George W. Bush's new strategy on Iraq takes a path of confrontation with Syria, rejecting proposals to engage it in dialogue over ending Iraq's raging violence — a move Damascus says is a mistake.   Announcing plans to send 21,000 more troops to Iraq, Bush also slammed Syria and its ally Iran, repeating accusations that they are backing militants ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

A US failure in Iraq is not an option, says US defense secretary Robert Gates. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warns US will take action against any country seeking to destabilize Iraq
DEBKAfile 2007/1/11
...Rice said Iran and Syria must end their “destabilizing behavior” in the region and that the US would defend its interests and those of its friends and allies in the region. ...General Pace: We will hunt and destroy anyone interfering with our Iraq operation. ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

DEBKAfile: Kurdish sources report five helicopters carried US forces to pre-dawn raid of Iranian consulate in N. Iraqi town of Irbil
DEBKAfile 2007/1/11
They were dropped on the roof while armored vehicles encircled the building. The troops used loudspeakers to call out in Farsi and Arabic to the consulate staff not to resist “or else they would be killed.” Five Iranian diplomatic staff members were detained and documents and computers impounded. ...Later Thursday, Jan. 11, Tehran reported three large explosions shaking the southern town of Khorramshahr north of the oil port of Abadan on the Shatt al-Arb waterway.   DEBKAfile: Khorramshahr, which faces the Iraqi town of Basra, is one of the key towns from which Iran delivers smuggled fighters, weapons and explosives to its Shiite supporters in Iraq. ...These statements and events tie in closely with the new Iraq strategy announced by the US president of confronting Iran and Syria for “allowing networks to use their territory to attack US forces.
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

Did the President Declare "Secret War" Against Syria and Iran? 2007/1/11
Washington intelligence, military and foreign policy circles are abuzz today with speculation that the President, yesterday or in recent days, sent a secret Executive Order to the Secretary of Defense and to the Director of the CIA to launch military operations against Syria and Iran.  
The President may have started a new secret, informal war against Syria and Iran without the consent of Congress or any broad discussion with the country. ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

Hamas official accepts Israel but stops short of recognition
Guardian Unlimited 2007/1/11
Hamas accepts the existence of the state of Israel but will not officially recognise it until the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, according to the Hamas leader in Damascus, Khaled Meshal.   In comments to Reuters, Mr Meshal softened his anti-Israel rhetoric, suggesting that Hamas does not seek the destruction of Israel as written in its charter. He said that Israel is a "reality" and "there will remain a state called Israel - this is a matter of fact". He added: "The problem is not that there is an entity called Israel. The problem is that the Palestinian state is non-existent." ...

Syria: ME peace not currently possible
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/11
Peace in the Middle East was an impossibility in light of US President George Bush's announcement to send more troops to Iraq, Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk al-Shara said on Thursday, according to a report on Israel Radio.   "There is no reason to expect that the peace process will be restarted without the clear commitment of the Americans," al-Shara said. ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots
Continued justification for Assad's uprooting.

United States America Inc. in Somalia 2007/1/11
The United States' ...orchestrating the recent Ethiopian invasion of another Arab League Muslim capital, has created a new hotbed of militant anti-Americanism in the turbulent Horn of Africa. The message sent has been clear: no Arab or Muslim metropolis has imunity unless it falls into step with vital U.S regional interests. ...

Abbas urges: 'Raise rifles against Israel'
WorldNetDaily 2007/1/11
..."...We should put our internal fighting aside and raise our rifles only against the Israeli occupation," said Abbas in a speech in Ramallah attended by WND. ...His statements about using rifles against Israel come after WND broke the story this morning the United States, aided by Israel, over the last few weeks provided 7,000 assault rifles and more than 1 million rounds of ammunition to militias associated with Abbas' Fatah party, according to senior Fatah militants. ...

Abbas Tells Ramallah Rally To Use Weapons against Israel
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/11
Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, whom the United States, Israel and most media have labeled as a moderate, told supporters in Ramallah that it is legitimate "to turn rifles against the occupation." He added that he will not compromise on previously stated demands that a new Arab state include the right of millions of Arabs in other countries to live in Israel. ...

New Torah Ark Dedicated at Hebron´s Tomb of the Patriarchs
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/11
A Torah Ark was installed this week in the holy city of Hevron (Hebron) at the Cave of the Patriarchs, the ancient monument housing the graves of the Jewish Patriarchs and Matriarchs.   The Ark strengthens the Jewish presence at the holy site called Me'arat HaMachpela, a double cave which the Torah (Genesis 23) records Abraham purchased from the Hittites for 400 silver shekels to use as a burial cave for his wife Sarah. ...

Hariri Accuses Syria And Iran Of Ruling Hezbollah
All Headline News 2007/1/11
..."Their real problem is that the Syrian regime is not interested in an international court. With the end of Israel's war on Lebanon, [Syrian President] Bashar Al Assad said clearly that the March 14 Forces were an Israeli product, and after the divine victory achieved [by Hezbollah] there should be a political coup against the March 14 Forces," Hariri said.   He added that the call for demonstrations and mass protests were given from outside Lebanon and that Iran and Syria are seeking to undermine democracy in Lebanon. ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots
Continued justification for Assad's uprooting.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Testifies Before Senate Foreign Relations Committee on President's Iraq Strategy
The Washington Post 2007/1/11
...Iran and Syria have made their choice and their choice is to destabilize, not to stabilize.   And so, with all respect to those who talk about engagement with Syria and Iran, I think we need to recognize that if Iran and Syria wish to play a stabilizing role for their own interests, then they will do so.   If, on the other hand, they intend to offer a stabilizing role because they believe that in our current situation in Iraq, we are willing to pay a price, that's not diplomacy; that's extortion.   And I would just ask you what that price might be. I have a hard time believing that Iran will, on one side, talk to us about stabilizing Iraq and say, "Oh, by the way, we won't talk about what you're doing in the Security Council to stop our nuclear program; that's not part of the price" -- or that Syria will talk about stabilizing Iraq while they continue to destabilize it and say, "Oh, we aren't actually interested in talking about the fact that we are irreconciled -- we have not reconciled -- to the loss of our position in Lebanon or to the existence of a tribunal to try those who are responsible for the assassination of Rafik Hariri."  
RICE: These two will most certainly come into contact with each other: the destabilizing activities in Iraq and the desires of these states to have us pay a price that we cannot pay. ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

US-Ethiopia drive in Somalia, Iran-backed Shiite rise fuel Sunni Arab worries
The Napa Valley Register 2007/1/11
...this week’s U.S. strikes in the Horn of Africa country are feeding a fear among Sunni Muslim Arabs that a growing campaign is challenging their historic dominance of the Middle East.   In Somalia, the assault is seen as coming from mainly Christian Ethiopia, whose troops swept in to topple the hard-line Islamic Sunni group that had seized control of much of the country. In Iraq, the threat comes from Shiites, brought to power by the U.S. invasion and backed by Iran.   The Ethiopian invasion, “backed completely by the United States and Israel, ... has led to the occupation of a nation that is a member of the Arab League for more than 30 years, yet no one in the Arab world has moved,” columnist Fahmi Huweidi wrote Wednesday in the Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat.  
“Anything has become permitted as long as the goal is to strike Islamic radicals ...

Walking the Line 2007 Part 2 of 3 2007/1/11

There are two embedded links to GREAT Iraq maps!
Article and comments contributed by Bob Anderson.

President Bush’s new Iraq plan highlights security in Baghdad, adds 20,000 extra US troops to boost Iraqi security effort, and vows “to seek out and destroy” networks Iran and Syria allows to attack US forces from their territory
DEBKAfile 2007/1/10
DEBKAfile: This vow does not limit US military operations to Iraqi territory. Bush stated: “I recently ordered the deployment of additional carrier strike group in the region. We will…deploy Patriot air defense systems to reassure our friends and allies.”   This indicates that the US expects Iran and Syria to retaliate with missile attacks on US targets across the Middle East and against “friends” such as Turkey the Arab emirates and Israel. ...This begins with addressing Iran and Syria, “which allow terrorists and insurgents to use their territory to move in and out of Iraq.” He accused Iran of providing material support for attacks on American troops. “We will disrupt the attacks on our forces. We will interrupt the flow of support form Iran and Syria. And we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq,” ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

Mubarak holds talks King Abdullah II
Kuwait News Agency 2007/1/10
Jordanian King Abdullah II held talks on Wednesday with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak where the two discussed ways of bringing back Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiation table. ...

Egypt: Not Such a Peace Partner
FrontPageMag 2007/1/10
...Egypt provides 99 percent of the weapons that reach Gaza. Steinitz further noted that, “While Jordan has the longest border with Israel, there has been no weapon smuggling from Jordan. Egypt on the other hand, is intent on arming the Palestinians to fight against Israel.” ...While Israel’s military planners are focused on Iran, Egyptian military exercises have Israel as its declared target. In the last five years Egyptian military units, including logistical support services and infrastructure, have been transferred to the Suez Canal area, on both the eastern Sinai and the western sides of the Sinai. They have transferred anti-aircraft units, aircraft, and missile batteries – an enormous expense - that the U.S. largely underwrites through our aid packages. Recognizing that Egypt does not face an external threat, there can only be one explanation for Egypt’s massive build up. It is time for Israelis and Americans to listen and react to Dr. Steinitz timely warnings.
Contributed by Bob Anderson.

Background: China's first steps on long march to press Iran
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/10
...sources in Jerusalem said that Olmert will have achieved something in Beijing if he received assurances from the Chinese that they will implement the sanctions that the UN Security Council imposed on Iran last month, and that they would not obstruct further efforts to apply sanctions if the previous set fail to move the Iranians. ...In January 2006, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, who diplomatic officials in Jerusalem have said is as concerned about a nuclear Iran as Israel, went to China and reportedly told the Chinese leadership that Saudi Arabia would make up for any oil shortfall that might arise were the Iranians to cut back oil to China as punishment for sanctions. ...

Article contributed by Bob Anderson.

Middle East Newsline 2007/1/10
Less than two years after blocking such a sale, Russia appears ready to approve the export of the Iskander-E long-range rocket to Syria.   Government sources said President Vladimir Putin has agreed to examine a Syrian request for the Iskander-E, with a range of 280 kilometers. In 2005, Putin pledged to Israel and the United States that Iskander would not be sold to the regime of President Bashar Assad. ...

? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots
Continued justification for Assad's uprooting.

Iran's Furtive Hand in Iraq
FrontPageMag 2007/1/10
...While Mr. Bush is looking at changing key military and political personnel and is considering deploying 20,000 to 40,000 additional U.S. troops in a last-ditch effort to try and impose security in the chaos that Iraq has become, new intelligence reveals Iran may have other plans.   "Al-Quds Force of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards is stepping up terrorism and encouraging sectarian violence in Iraq," says Alireza Jafarzadeh, president of Strategic Policy Consulting in Washington, an Iranian dissident who keeps close contact with the Mujahedin-e-Khalq, or MeK. It was Mr. Jafarzadeh who first revealed the existence of the Islamic Republic's clandestine nuclear sites in Natanz and Arak in August 2002.   "There is a sharp surge in Iran's sponsorship of terrorism and sectarian violence in the past few months," ...
Article contributed by Bob Anderson.

Jerusalem’s new tourism initiative
yNetNews 2007/1/10
“To raise Jerusalem up from poverty” is the goal that Nir Barkat, an active member of the city council and a serial entrepreneur, has set for himself. Barkat’s decision to devote himself to his hometown led him to found non-profit organization StartUp Jerusalem in 2004. The organization tries to take advantage of everything the city has to offer that has not yet been sufficiently exploited by paying consumers. ...
Yep, even in the midst of 'wars and rumors of wars'.  Go figure.

The Rise and Fall of a Murderous Dictator
FrontPageMag 2007/1/10
...his arsenal was staggering, including bioweapons like anthrax and botulinum toxin. His country remains the only in history to weaponize aflatoxin, a substance that gradually causes liver cancer and has no battlefield utility whatsoever; it could be used to give cancer to certain ethnic groups.   U.N. inspectors also uncovered an enormous Iraqi nuclear weapons program. Spread among 25 facilities, the $10-billion program employed 15,000 technical people. Based on a Manhattan Project bomb design, Iraqi scientists pursued five different methods for separating uranium.
COMMENT: Also one of the world's most advanced detonators.
The world feared how Saddam's clandestine support of WMD might be coupled with his open support of terrorism. The final terrorism report of the Clinton State Department devoted more words to Iraq than any other country. ...Saddam operated his own terror camps. One of the most chilling was a facility south of Baghdad called Salman Pak, where terrorists (prior to September 11, 2001) had conducted training missions on a 707 fuselage, where they practiced the art of hijacking an aircraft without guns, using only knives and utensils. Just like the September 11 hijackers, these terrorists were mostly of Saudi origin. ...
Comment: Perhaps some of you will remember my sending DEBKA photos of Salmon Pak (long prior to 9/11) clearly showing the terrorists at play in this aircraft. And, of course, everyone must remember the photos of the huge spetznatz escorted convoys on the Syrian border, Damascus and northern Bequa Valley bound.
Article and comments contributed by Bob Anderson.

An Idea That Goes Way Back
Jewish World Review 2007/1/10
New book shows U.S. involvement in the Middle East long preceded 'Israel lobby' ...In 1844, a biblical scholar and professor of Hebrew at New York University published a pamphlet urging the establishment of a Jewish state in the place then known as Palestine.   The name of this early Zionist who argued for the recreation of Jewish sovereignty over the land of Israel: George Bush.   But the astonishing thing about this manifesto is not just that the author was a forebear of two later U.S. presidents of the same name. It was that his advocacy of a theological/political position known as "restorationism" — support for the "restoration" of the Jewish people to their historic homeland — was common in 19th century America. ...Oren recounts the shock of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams who, while serving as American ambassadors in Europe during the 1780s, met with the Abd al-Rahman, a representative of the pasha of Tripoli, a major source of anti-American terror on the high seas.   In making exorbitant demands for American tribute, Al-Rahman told Adams and Jefferson that his country was fighting under the authority of the Koran, which authorized them to make wars on all non-believers and to enslave all Western prisoners in terms that Al Qaeda would have appreciated. "Every Mussulman [sic] who should be slain in battle" with America, he said, "was sure to go to Paradise." ...
Contributed by Bob Anderson.

Transplanting the Heart of the Matter
Jewish World Review 2007/1/8
...No one believed that Anwar Sadat could sign a peace agreement with Israel without a solution for the Israel Palestinian conflict, however a formulation was found. It was also found in the peace agreement that Israel signed with Jordan. I do not believe that it is impossible to find such a formulation that would permit a Saudi/Israeli concordance allowing the Saudis to become the Protectors of Al-Aqsa and the Mosque of Omer. ...
Contributed by Bob Anderson.
The 'Little Horn King' would never stand for such a move, especially since it's already inked in the longstanding Washington Declaration Article 9 who has the say in what goes at Temple Mount.

KADDB Delegation Visits Yemen
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/8
...The delegation will review with Yemeni officials, possibilities of marketing KADDB’s products in Yemen and sign a number of agreements in this area.
? Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand
? Daniel 11:38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.
King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau (KADDB)

King orders providing southern governorates with the needed facilities to deal with crisis
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/8
...King Abdullah II on Monday ordered allocating the needed money immediately for providing the country's governorates with the needed facilities and equipments to deal with the various crisis. ...
A benevolent king?

Abbas attempts to disable powerful Hamas militia
The Sydney Morning Herald 2007/1/8
The Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, has outlawed the Hamas-led Interior Ministry's police force, the most powerful armed unit outside his control in factional fighting that has left 33 people dead in the past month. ...In an effort to strengthen Mr Abbas, US officials say they expect to ask Congress for nearly $US100 million ($130 million) to help train and supply his Presidential Guard. The US and Israel co-ordinated arms shipments to Mr Abbas's forces from Egypt.
Also read below story and you will see how Jordan will get the upper hand in this ongoing struggle.

Turkey nabs suspected terror financier
St Tammany 2007/1/8
Turkish authorities Monday said they have completed an investigation following the arrest of a suspected al-Qaida operative in the southern city of Hatay.   Malek Charahili is suspected of funneling money to the international terror group through financial links in Europe and Iraq. ...

Unearthing the mystery of the priestly city of Nob
Haaretz 2007/1/8
...Archaeologist Professor Hanan Eshel, a senior lecturer at the Martin Szusz Department of Land of Israel Studies at Bar-lan University, suggests that Nob may have been located in the center of the present-day village of Shoafat. His colleague in the Martin Szusz Department, Dr. Gabi Barkai, proposes Jerusalem's French Hill neighborhood as the location of Nob. Other geographic "candidates" competing for the title of the priestly city include the A-Tur neighborhood.   In a conference held at Bar-Ilan University last week, Dr. Boaz Zissu proposed a new location: He believes the city was situated at the top of the hill overlooking the Eli branch of the Kidron Valley, called Wadi al-Joz in Arabic. ...

Hariri accuses opposition of 'intellectual terrorism'
The Daily Star 2007/1/8
...Saad Hariri said Lebanon was facing "a new wave of political and intellectual terrorism that coincides with the preparations" for the Paris III conference of  donor nations, which he said would provide Beirut with badly needed financial aid to re-start the economy.   "Hizbullah, regretfully, is heading this crippling campaign against Lebanon and is promising more protests at a time when it should be focusing on helping the country solve its serious economic and social problems," Hariri added. ...

Iran and Iraq's Hidden Catastrophe
Global Politician 2007/1/8
...Tehran's mullahs are doing to Iraqis, as they did to Iranian intellectuals and dissidents. By achieving a homogeneous yet extremist socio-political landscape in Iraq, they aim to further expand their reach into the west, east or north. This undertaking is certainly consistent with their deliberate campaign aimed at achieving regional expansion, paving the way towards an Islamic Caliphate dynasty. All of this would be a catastrophe not only for Iraq and the region, but also for the international community at large.

The Falling World Trade Center Towers and Islam 2007/1/8
...for the most valid and pressing cause of Islam, Osama bin Laden orchestrated an incredible attack on the WTC to teach the satanic United States a lesson, which Osama claims, 'he did for the sake of Islam'. The White House and the Pentagon, which are the other two centers of American power, were also rightly included as the targets. Islam's greatest enemy, the America's highest symbol of power and pride, the World Trade Centre, came down crashing on 9/11 with the wailing and cries of those caught in the middle. However, despite the fact that the Islamic Ummah was overly delighted on the day of 9/11 attack, this courageous and selfless adventure of Osama bin Laden in the cause of Islam is vehemently rejected by many deceptive or ignorant Muslims, calling it anti-Islamic. ...

Hamas threatens Abbas, Dahlan
Jerusalem Newswire 2007/1/8
The Islamist "Palestinian" terror group Hamas, which also holds a majority in the western-created Palestinian Authority (PA), has warned PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah security henchman Mohammed Dahlan to lay off Hamas or face assassination. ...

Fighting threatens Palestinian statehood-Egypt
Reuters 2007/1/8
..."The continuation of Palestinian-Palestinian conflict will have a negative effect on the Palestinian cause and end Palestinians' hopes for establishing an independent state," MENA quoted Mubarak as saying. ...

Arab countries urge Israel to allow entry of pro-Abbas forces
Xinhua Online 2007/1/7
Arab countries have urged Israel to allow entry of
Palestinian troops
from Jordan to stave off a possible civil war in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources said on Sunday. ...

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Three US Norfolk-based amphibious assault ships set out for Persian Gulf Saturday
DEBKAfile 2007/1/7
...DEBKAfile’s military sources add that another three warships are due to sail out of Norfolk for the Gulf this week with marine personnel aboard. This will bring to more than 20,000 the complement of sailors, marines and pilots either heading for the Gulf region like the USS John C. Stennis strike group, or already present like the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and the USS Boxer.   The deployment of the USS John C. Stennis strike group, announced last week, was billed as “a warning to Syria and Iran.”
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

The Bush administration’s committee for regime change in Iran
Global Research 2007/1/7
...In building an anti-Iranian alliance in the Middle East, the Bush administration is openly playing on sectarian fears in so-called Sunni countries of the rising regional sway of predominantly Shiite Iran. The autocratic pro-US regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf states are deeply concerned that the US invasion of Iraq has destabilised the entire region by removing a key Iranian rival and installing a predominantly Shiite puppet government in Baghdad. A faction of the Saudi elite is threatening to intervene directly into Iraq on the side of Sunni insurgents in order to counter Iranian influence in the country.   The activities of the ISOG make clear that far from backing away from a confrontation with Iran because of the deepening quagmire in Iraq, the Bush administration is actively engaged in undermining the regime in Tehran and recklessly preparing for a military strike. ...

Hamas warns: Abbas responsible for bloodshed
yNetNews 2007/1/7
..."We warn that anyone planning to harm Hamas' security force, in accord with the Israeli occupation, will have to face us," the statement read. ..."We hold Abbas responsible for every drop of blood that will be shed by our kinsmen because of his decision. We hold him personally responsible, along with the master of conspiracy and division, the godfather of the American plot, called Muhammad Dahlan," the groups wrote in the statement. ...

3,000 Jordanians protest Saddam's execution, lash out at Iran
Haaretz 2007/1/6
...The rally in Jordan was the largest to date outside Iraq in protest of Saddam's hanging. Demonstrators vowed to avenge Saddam's death by retaliating against al-Sadr, and accused the Shiite Hezbollah group in Lebanon of also being an Iranian stooge. Banners denounced a "Shiite crescent" in the Mideast, referring to warnings by Jordan's King Abdullah II that Iran was boosting its influence through Shiites in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.   A key U.S.-ally in the region, Jordan is home to the largest Iraqi exile community with some 800,000 refugees, including two of Saddam's daughters. ...

How 'Little Saddam' the despot's daughter spent her longest night
Times Online 2007/1/6
...Raghad rarely speaks in public or to the media, acutely conscious of the unwritten deal with her Jordanian hosts that she would be granted asylum so long as she remained quiet and politically inactive. She and Rana remain fiercely loyal to their dead father, even though both their husbands, Hussein Kamel and Saddam Kamel, were killed by his regime after they defected then unwisely returned in 1996.   King Abdullah II, a fellow Sunni, granted the women refuge when they fled Syria in mid-2003, shortly after Saddam’s regime fell and their brothers Uday and Qusay were killed in a shootout with US troops in Mosul. ...

Transplanting the Heart of the Matter
American Thinker 2007/1/6
...Jerusalem per se is not the issue. The heart of the matter is Al-Aqsa and the Mosque of Omar. Al-Aqsa is claimed by Moslem's world wide to be their third holiest site after Mecca and Medina. This is what they mean to "liberate" with fire and blood.   The problem is this is not an issue that can be solved between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel can quite simply never give up the Temple Mount. I do not believe that any Israeli government could ever seriously entertain such a thing. Thus even if some formulation for acknowledging the so called "right of return" for Palestinians were to be found, even if some accommodation could be reached, as was envisioned by the Barak government, regarding East Jerusalem, the heart of the matter, Al-Aqsa and the Mosque of Omer remain unsolvable through any negotiations that could be envisioned between Israel and whatever suitable partner for peace negations ever emerges amongst the Palestinians. Thus, for the Jihadis world wide there will never be an end to Jihad. There will never be an end to blood and fire aimed at Israel and the West. ...

America blocking Israel-Syria peace: Mubarak
Gulf Times 2007/1/6
CAIRO: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak accused the US in an interview published yesterday of obstructing peace between Israel and Syria.   "I believe America is preventing (Israeli Prime Minister Ehud) Olmert from achieving peace with Syria," Mubarak told the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth during Olmert’s visit to the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on Thursday.   Mubarak did not elaborate on his reasons for believing the US was an obstacle to peace. ...

US plans $86mn aid for pro-Abbas forces
Gulf Times 2007/1/6
JERUSALEM: The Bush administration will provide $86mn to strengthen security forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, expanding US involvement in his struggle with Hamas, according to documents seen yesterday. ...

Iranian Diplomats Consulted on Iraq Cabinet Changes
AgoraVox 2007/1/6
While American press reporting on the US military’s arrest of Iranians at the compound of Iraqi cleric have focused on the possibility that they were bringing arms, British intelligence has a different take. They say there is no conclusive evidence in the documents captured that the Iranians are supplying weaponry for attacks on Coalition troops.   In contrast, what concerns the British is evidence that the Iranian diplomats and intelligence officials had come to consult their Iraqi Shiite colleagues about the viability of the al-Maliki government and how the cabinet should be changed to make it more stable and viable. A UK official said, ’There was discussion of whether the Maliki government would succeed, who should be in which ministerial jobs... It was a very significant meeting . . . The fact of who some of the Iranians were is very significant.’ ...

The Arab states drift into irrelevance
The Daily Star 2007/1/6
Of the many transformations taking place throughout the Middle East, the most striking is that the new regional security architecture gradually emerging in the Arab world seems to be managed almost totally by non-Arab parties: Iran, Turkey, Israel, the United States, and now Ethiopia.   It is possible that the Arabs could write themselves out of their own history, ending up as mere consumers of foreign goods, proxies for foreign powers, and spectators in the game of defining their own identity, security and destiny. This is not certain, but the current trend points in that direction, which would be a demeaning cap after a century of repeated incompetence in the field of Arab security and statehood. ...
Daniel 2:41-4 And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes (Mohammad's Muslim Kingdom), part of potters' clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided (divided by time as well as allegiance [Shia vs Sunni and more]); but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron (strong nations as well as political strength via oil), forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay. 2) And as the toes of the feet (the toes - present day, are of the feet - Mohammad's day - both Muslim) were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. 3) And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another (the political situation in the Arab/Muslim world is a testament to that), even as iron is not mixed with clay. 4) And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed

Israel Invades Ramallah - West Bank Capital
NewsBlaze 2007/1/5
We could now be seeing the beginning of the next wave of war around Israel, a resumption and extension of the fighting this past summer. Though it was confined mostly between Israel/Hezbollah in south Lebanon, it began with the Palestinian action in late June near the Gaza strip with the capturing of an Israeli soldier and just after Damascus-Tehran made their security agreement official. AKI is now reporting Israel has launched its largest operation in Ramallah, the West Bank capital of the Palestinian Authority, in five years. It has been timed with the meeting at the Egyptian resort of Sharm al-Sheikh between Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Egypt President Hosni Mubarak, the only Islamic head of state to have done nothing to support the Jihad in any way.[AKI]   Moderate Islamic heads of state, like Jordan King Abdullah II, want the Jihad to be moderately successful in removing the West's influence in the affairs of the region. ...

Haniyeh calls to bury hatchet after meeting with Abbas
Jordan News Agency 2007/1/5
...Haniyeh elucidated that a deal was reached with Abbas to form an ad hoc committee to probe into latest events took place in Gaza. Moreover, he called on National Dialogue Committee to hold a meeting to nominate a national unity government in line with national agreement document. ...

Islamic Terror Societies: an Anatomy of the West's Lethal Enemy – Part 1
American Chronicle 2006/1/5
...The Islamic Terror Societies are groupings of Muslim individuals whose commonly shared behavioural, linguistic, educational, cultural, religious, theological, ideological, philosophical, intellectual, academic, political and economic elements and patterns, either at the individual or at the organized/institutional level, either as system components and aspects or as independent factors, tend to generate an overwhelming support for, and materialization of, unjust, iniquitous, inhuman choices, barbaric options, and ultimately terrorist acts of all scopes, as humanly justified revenge against, or divinely demanded castigation of, parts or the totality of the Western World. ...They actually consist in a new, fifth stage of decadent, decayed, decomposed civilization that, interacting within infiltrated (in various parts of the society and through different ways) foreign behavioural, linguistic, educational, cultural, religious, theological, ideological, philosophical, intellectual, academic, political and economic elements and patterns, ends up, either at the individual or at the collective level, in utmost shocks, which occur repeatedly and ultimately are the reason of the generation of the overwhelming support for, and materialization of, unjust, iniquitous, inhuman choices, barbaric options, and ultimately terrorist acts of all scopes.   As new, fifth stage of decomposed civilization,
the Islamic Terror Societies are realms of absolute barbarism whereby former values and virtues, ideas and concepts, ideals and principles are misinterpreted and misunderstood in a way to fit the determinedly inhuman character that emanates out of all the different, decayed elements and/or patterns. ...

Bush Reshuffles His Home Team for New Iraq Strategy
State Department to Outrank Pentagon

DEBKA-Net-Weekly 2007/1/5
...Condoleezza Rice and Stephen Hadley are emerging as the top aides picked by US president George W. Bush for executing his new strategy in Iraq, as DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s Washington sources reveal.   Their task will be to steer the Iraq war towards victory and prepare for the contingency that this proactive strategy leads the United States into military confrontation with Iran and Syria. With this course, the White House will break sharply away from the bipartisan path spearheaded by former secretary of state James Baker and ex-congressman Lee Hamilton, which would have expedited the US army’s exit from Iraq through accommodations with Tehran and Syria. ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

The Colonial War Against Islam
FrontPageMag 2007/1/5
America has been fighting Islamists for longer than many realize. Even before independence was declared, American ships were pirated and their Christian crews enslaved by Muslim pirates operating under the control of the “Dey of Algiers”—an Ottoman Islamist warlord ruling Algeria. When the colonists rebelled against British rule in 1776, American ships lost Royal Navy protection. A Revolutionary War-era alliance with France offered French protection to US ships, but it expired in 1783. Immediately, U.S. ships came under attack ...

Bush Administration Proposing $83 Million For Palestinian Leader Abbas
WCSH6 Portland 2006/1/5
President Bush is asking Congress to provide $83 million for security forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. A senior U.S. official says the aid would be for training, uniforms, vehicles and other support.   The administration is trying bolster Abbas, hoping he'll be able to rejoin the peace process with Israel. ...
Be sure to read story below, then try to decide who's on whose side.

Middle East Newsline 2007/1/4
Syrian opposition sources said the Assad regime has arrested officers over the last few weeks as part of an attempt to quell rising unrest in the military. In an assertion supported by Western intelligence, the opposition said the arrests included high-ranking officers based in several cities. ..."[There is] suspicion by the Assad regime that a military coup may have been in the planning," ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

Treasury steps up pressure on Syria
Business Week 2007/1/4
...The Treasury Department's action means that any bank accounts or financial assets belonging to the three entities found in the United States would be frozen. Americans also are prohibited from doing business with them.   The three entities targeted are the Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology, the Electronics Institute and the National Standards and Calibration Laboratory.   "Syria is using official government organizations to develop nonconventional weapons and the missiles to deliver them," ...
? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

Mubarak refusal to visit 'slap in face'
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/4
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak refusal's to visit Israel is a "slap in the face," charged a group of opposition and coalition MKs, who urged the prime minister to cancel his trip Thursday to Egypt. ..."It is an intolerable situation that in the past 25 years, since Mubarak came to power, he has refused to visit Israel," said Steinitz. "There is clear code of conduct for neighboring states, and Mubarak is not following it. ...

P.A.'S Abbas Praises Saddam As "Symbol Of Pan-Arab Nationalism"
Zionist Organization of America 2007/1/4
Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas has publicly praised the executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, in a statement read on PA television and radio, saying, “Saddam Hussein has entered history as a symbol of state nationalism and Pan-Arab nationalism who helped the Palestinian revolution.” ...

An unholy alliance threatening catastrophe
Times Online 2007/1/4
...if there is one country in the world more worried than Israel about an Iranian A-bomb, it is Saudi Arabia. And if there are two countries in the world with real influence on the Bush White House, they are Saudi Arabia and Israel. Now both these countries are telling President Bush that he must pull the plug on Iraq’s Shia Government, tear up the Baker report, whose most important advice was to open diplomatic channels to Tehran, and prepare to attack Iran, either directly or using the Israelis as a proxy. This is the basis of the unholy alliance between Israel, Saudi Arabia and America, with Mr Blair contributing a few choice soundbites. ...

The anti-Kurdish bias of the ISG Report
Kurdish Media 2007/1/4
...The Kurds were particularly miffed because of the failure of the study group to visit Kurdistan and listen to the Kurdish concerns. Barazani stressed that the report was inconsistent with the message conveyed to him on the phone by James Baker on the eve of the report’s release. Nor was the report consistent with the promise made by Baker that the study group would take into account the special circumstances of the Kurdish region. A detailed letter from Barazani to the ISG explaining the Kurdish position and concerns appears to have been completely ignored. ...

Rocket-launching terrorists loyal to Abbas
Militant leader says missiles firing 'in accordance' with Fatah party

WorldNetDaily 2007/1/4
Militants associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party who have been firing rockets from the Gaza Strip into nearby Jewish towns are loyal to Abbas and commit their attacks in accordance with Fatah, the northern Gaza leader of Fatah's declared "military wing" told WND in an interview. ...

'Humanity's first war' in Syria 2007/1/4
A German archaeologist says he has found relics of "humanity's first war" in the north east of Syria in the form of balls of stone used as ammunition in the 4th century BC, the Die Zeit newspaper says in its edition due for publication on Thursday.   "We have there the oldest example of an offensive war," said Clemens Reichel, who is leading an archaeological dig in the ancient city of Hamoukar ...

MKs from Six Parties Protest Olmert-Mubarak Meeting
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/4
...They said the meeting should be conditioned on a reciprocal visit by the Egyptian leader to Israel.   "For two and a half decades President Mubarak's boycott on carrying out an official visit to Israel has continued," they wrote Prime Minister Olmert. "We call on you to show strength and condition your visit...also on an Egyptian declaration of a fierce war against the smuggling of weapons to Gaza." ...

Egypt's Mubarak condemns Israeli raid on Palestinian territories during meeting with Israeli premier
International Herald Tribune 2007/1/3
SHARM EL-SHEIK, Egypt: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak firmly condemned Israel's raid into the West Bank on Thursday as he met with Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert in a summit aimed reviving the long-stalled peace process. ..."Israel's security cannot be achieved through military force but by serious endeavors toward peace," Egypt's state-run news agency, MENA, quoted Mubarak as telling Olmert during their meeting in this Red Sea resort.   The Egyptian leader also called for "the immediate halt of all acts of violence and any practices that will impede (Egyptian) efforts" to bring peace, MENA said. ...

'Only military action will stop Iran'
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/3

...Concerning Iran, Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland - a member of the INSS, formerly known as the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies - said that if the US or Israel wanted to stop the Islamic republic's nuclear program, it "should have attacked the nuclear facilities in Iran yesterday, or tomorrow [at] the latest." ...

After Saddam, a Sunni-Shiite Thirty Years' War?
WorldPoliticsWatch 2007/1/3
...On Al-Jazeera, the spokesman of the Mecca-based Council of Sunni Clerics declared that the Shiites had chosen on purpose the Sunni 'aid al-qorban (which occurs one day before the Shiite holy day) to carry out the execution. An Arab nationalist commentator warned of the "Safavid menace," referring to the 16th century Iranian dynasty that established Iran as a Shiite state. ...Because the Iraqi constitution prohibits executions from being carried out on eid, Shiite Prime Minister Nour al-Maliki's government had to officially declare that the holiday did not begin until 31 December, the day the Shiites celebrate it and one day after the Sunnis. Middle East specialist Nir Rosen points out that this was tantamount to a declaration "that Iraq is now a Shia state."   "This foolish act will feed hatred to everything the U.S. represents," said Saleh al-Khatlan, head of the political science department of King Saudi university in Riyadh. "I am afraid that it will be a cause for a new wave of anti-American mobilization and will, in the long run, justify violent acts possible on the scale of the 9/11 attacks." ...
The plan of God to bring and end of sin and iniquity, however, will collide with and supersede any plans that corruptible men may have.

Saddam's Hanging Reverberates Through the Middle East
Time 2007/1/3

...The war's architects had hoped that toppling Saddam would set in motion a train of events that would see liberal democracy triumph in the Arab world. Instead, the biggest beneficiary from his demise has been Islamic fundamentalism. Saddam's execution marks the final nail in the coffin of Arab nationalism, a secular ideology of pan-Arab unity and independence. ...

Saddams half brother to be hanged after Eid
Pakistan Times 2007/1/3
The two co-defendants of Saddam Hussain are to be executed after the Eid al-Adha holiday ending next week, officials said.   The two men who were to be hanged alongside Saddam Hussein on Saturday were Barzan Ibrahim Hassan al-Tikriti, one of Saddam's three half-brothers and a former director of the Mukhabarat intelligence service, and Awad Ahmed al-Bandar al-Sadun, former chief judge of the revolutionary court and deputy head of Saddam's office. ...

Haniyeh will not visit Jordan, meet with Abbas as planned
Haaretz 2006/1/3
Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas plans to cut short a tour of Arab nations, forgoing his planned visit to Jordan where he was to meet with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah, aides said Wednesday. ...The aides said Haniyeh decided to break off his trip after making an Islamic pilgrimage, or haj, to Saudi Arabia, to attend to unspecified "work." ...

Egypt sent arms to Fatah with Israel’s help
Global Research 2007/1/3
..."In coordination with Israel, Egypt delivered a large quantity of guns and munitions to Abbas’ forces”, the Israeli official said on condition of anonymity because the arms shipment had not been officially confirmed by Israel, the Palestinians or Egypt.   Israel's Haaretz daily also reported that "a load of 2,000 Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles as well as 20,000 cartridge clips and two million bullets were transferred to Fatah's armed groups in the Gaza Strip, in coordination with the Israeli army." ...

Egypt Wants Four-Way Summit
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/3
Egyptian diplomats are in contact with both Israeli and PA officials in an attempt to arrange a four-way summit in Sharm El-Sheikh. If the summit takes place, it will include Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), Jordanian King Abdullah, and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.   Egyptian officials reported that the goal of the summit would be to restart the diplomatic process between Israel and the PA,
with the ultimate goal of creating a final diplomatic agreement. ...

IRAN SAYS 2007 COULD BRING ISLAMIC MESSIAH, POSSIBLY THIS SPRING 2007/1/2  (scroll down on the linked page to this article)
The New Year may not be so happy if Iranian leaders have their way. The Islamic Messiah known as the "Twelfth Imam" or the "Mahdi" may come to earth in 2007 and could be revealed to the world as early as the Spring Equinox, reports an official Iranian government news website. The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) website says the world is now in its "last days." It claims that the Mahdi will first appear in Mecca, and then Medina. He will conquer all of Arabia, Syria, Iraq, destroy Israel, and then set up a "global government" based in Iraq ...
Article contributed by Les Marsyla.
From a 'New Creature In Christ' perspective, and watching with 'Daniel Glasses', we see the end coming too, but with a very different conclusion.  Thank you Jesus!!!

Resurgent Iran sets challenge for Arab rulers
IranMania 2007/1/2
..."It's amusing," says one American official. "Iran is saying, 'Get rid of foreign forces and take us as the regional power.' "   The events of the past year have underlined Iran's growing influence in the Middle East and its determination to become a nuclear power. But they have also reinforced the perception of Shia Iran as the biggest strategic threat to Washington's Sunni allies in the Persian Gulf, home to two-thirds of the world's oil reserves ...

Police Minister: Rachel´s Tomb Soon to be More Accessible
Arutz Sheva 2007/1/2
...Regarding Rachel's Tomb, the MKs said that now that the entire compound is protected and fortified, worshipers should be allowed to reach the site freely. At present, visitors must take reinforced buses, which arrive infrequently and only according to a pre-determined schedule. Dichter said he would act to ensure that within several weeks, Jews would be permitted to visit the holy site without the requirement of a reinforced vehicle. ...

Israel starts easing West Bank controls
Gulf Daily News 2007/1/2
Israel began easing restrictions at checkpoints in the occupied West Bank yesterday as promised by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at a summit with Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas last month. ...The Israeli prime minister vowed to take "immediate and concrete steps" to improve humanitarian conditions for the Palestinians after his December 23 talks with Abbas. Defence Minister Amir Peretz later said that Israel would dismantle 59 of the 400 or so roadblocks in the West Bank in two phases.

Russia anti-aircraft weapons sales to Syria, Iran on schedule
Middle East Online 2007/1/2
...At least half of the 29 Tor-M1 missile systems bought by Iran for 1.4 billion dollars (1.06 billion euros) had been delivered, state-run ITAR-TASS quoted an unnamed source at the defence ministry as saying.   "We are actively carrying out deliveries of the system to Iran. At least 50 percent of the contract has been delivered," the official was quoted as saying. ...

King Abdullah II Complains About Bad Odors Across Border In Israel
All  Headline News 2007/1/1
Jordan's King Abdullah II has demanded a closure of an Israeli pen at Kibbutz Eilot, north of Eilat, used to keep cows. He complained of bad odors that are blown over the border by winds last week and hindered his stay in Aqaba. ...
He thinks it's bad now, wait until the Jews start sacrificing again on Temple Mount next to his new minaret.  Hmmm, perhaps the reason he causes the daily sacrifice and oblation to cease?
? Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate ...

2 Uprooted, and 1 To Go

Discovery Channel's Documentary of Saddam's fall and literal 'Uprooting' and an unedited video of Saddam's demise

? Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots

Hamas boosts Temple Mount activities
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/1
...Jerusalem police spokes-man Shmuel Ben-Ruby said that the violent Islamic group was consistently trying to increase its presence on the Jerusalem holy site and was exploiting the large turnout at the compound for a three-day Muslim holiday underway in an attempt to expand its activities at the site. ...

DEBKAfile: Iraq’s renegade Baath party names Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri new leader and successor to Saddam Hussein, who was hanged Dec. 30 for crimes against humanity
DEBKAfile 2007/1/1
Saddam’s former deputy, who escaped US capture after the 2003 invasion, was falsely reported by Baath sources to have died on the run. US intelligence dismissed the claim as a red herring. DEBKAfile reports: From his places of hiding, usually Syria but also Yemen, he ran many of the Baath Sunni terrorist and guerrilla operations in Iraq. As one of Saddam’s closest confidants, he was also in charge of Saddam’s secret funds. The Baath party announced that henceforth its insurgent operations would focus on the single goal of fighting the Americans. ...

Iran can still be stopped  By BINYAMIN NETANYAHU
The Jerusalem Post 2007/1/1
...The diplomatic and PR effort: We must immediately launch an intense, international, public relations front focusing first and foremost on the US. The goal being to encourage President Bush to take up his specific promises not to allow Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons. We must make it clear to the government, the Congress and the American public that a nuclear Iran is a threat to the US and the entire world, not only Israel. We must make it clear that it is in the utmost interest of the free world to prevent fundamental Islamic regimes from building an atom bomb.
The independent defense effort: Simultaneously, and with no connection to our efforts overseas, Israel must make every necessary step that would enable it to independently protect its citizens. The government must subjugate all national efforts to this higher cause. It must instruct the IDF, security branches, intelligence agencies and the bodies charged with protecting the home front to take immediate action to remove the existential threat Israel faces. ...

Muslims shout at Jesus' home: 'Islam will dominate the world'
WorldNetDaily 2007/1/1
March through town of Nazareth 'meant to intimidate Christians'
NAZARETH – Islamic groups held a large militant march down the main streets of Nazareth this weekend, highlighting for some here the plight of Christians in this ancient city where Muslims have become a majority and members of the dwindling Christian population say they suffer regular intimidation. ...

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