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PLO Dumps Trump Easing Way For Jordan-Israel Negotiations

... Pompeo was signaling that any PLO attempt to overthrow 95 years of unbroken Hashemite rule in Jordan – unsuccessfully attempted by the PLO in September 1970 – would be rebuffed by American military force.

Protecting the Hashemite regime and Jordan’s borders – coupled with massive injections of American financial aid – could see Jordan replacing the PLO as Israel’s Arab partner in implementing Trump’s peace proposals.

Trump – the master deal-maker – may have just pulled another rabbit out of his magic hat.

NOTE: This could be huge!!!

The Temple - Bob Cornuke

The Temple

Can you imagine the upheaval in political and religious thinking if the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is not the site of Solomon's Temple and Herod's temples?

Urgent 2017 Rebuilding The Third Temple is beginning 2017-7-20

Archeology: Temple Robert Cornuke – Koinonia House 2015-1
Personal Update News Journal

There is no place that is considered a more significant as well as volatile, piece of real estate than the Temple Mount. Some say that World War III will erupt there.

Prophecy Fulfilled: City of David 'Shakes Off the Dust' 2017-8-14

City of David Shakes Off The Dust

At the City of David excavation in Jerusalem, archaeologists are discovering what Israel's ancient capital looked like more than 3,000 years ago and how biblical ...

Canaanite Fortress Discovered in the City of David


Excavations around the Gihon Spring in the City of David have uncovered a massive 3,800-year-old fortress. ...

The Temple Institute: Vessels Gallery: The Copper Mizrak


The Temple Institute is dedicated to teaching the significance of the Holy Temple to the spiritual well being of all nations, and creating vessels and garments ready ...

Evidence of Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem unearthed in City of David 2017-7-26

... "These findings depict the affluence and character of the Judean Kingdom and are mesmerizing proof of the city’s demise at the hands of the Babylonians."...

Please note: Nothing is impied here which may be reinterpreted to be anything other than what's open for possibilities, including the possibility that the original temples were not built on today's "Temple Mount" at all.

King Abdullah’s Everyday Lies 2017-9-18

King Abdullah's Everyday Lies

... The entire “frustration” meme is an excuse to avoid looking at the core issue: Arabs refusing to accept Israel, even if some of them are forced to pretend that they do for politicl reasons. But deep down, the vast, vast majority of Arabs see a Jewish sovereign presence in the Middle East as temporary — just like the Crusader control of Jerusalem. If they are patient, the Arab people believe, the Jews will eventually be forced out. ...